An Introduction

Many of you will no doubt be surprised that this blog has not been written by Annabel, but after 8 long years behind the scenes, I felt it was time to introduce myself and explain about some upcoming changes that will be occurring over the coming months.

My name is Haze, I am the original mind and creator behind Annabel Fatale.

10 Years ago I met a lady that was as deviant as myself, and so began a long interesting relationship where I trained her in the art of Hypnosis, Mind control and fetish. Together we have experimented and pushed the boundaries of the industry that we both love being a part of but, I have remained in the shadows....Until now.

Whilst Annabel has long been capable of creating all her Hypnosis, clips, writing scripts, producing content and generally running the show, I have been the person who has pushed her and offered her training and support throughout this time, as well as playing just about every role one can imagine.

I am not only an expert in the psychology of Domination, I am also a professional film maker, award winning photographer, tech guy, deviant and script writer by day. Annabel was both capable and incredibly special (And continues to be) from the very beginning, but now both Annabel and I are ready to spread our wings.

Annabel will now be operating her Twitter via @AnnabelFanPage and I will be taking control of @AnnabelFatale and rebranding this account as @Fet1shCollect which will be producing BRAND NEW Fetish and Hypnosis content from a variety of models (Including Annabel herself of course!).

So, I hope you will support both Annabel and I in this brand new venture! It's an incredibly exciting time for both of us as we continue to expand and grow what we have built over many many years!

Our website is currently up and contains a subscribe option where you can be the first to get news on our full launch but also receive special offers on all new clips and files!

What's more, if you're a model and interested in working with us, there's some exciting news on that front too! Our studio is based on a stunning paradise Mediterranean island where you can both relax, have a good time, soak up the rays, swim in crystal clear oceans AND get paid to shoot with us at FetishCollect! Our rates are flexible based on your experience, but a holiday you get paid for? I mean, who wouldn't love that, right?

We are also looking for models who have their own studios to provide clips to us for payment, if interested you can email us directly at

I know the fans are going to love the expansion, and I hope that alongside some of the best models in the industry, Annabel included, we will open a whole new world of deviance!

Stay safe in these difficult times!


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