Celebrate with the darkest Hypnosis to date

Hey you,

I'm about to release my darkest Hypnosis to date, so dark that it deeply affected me during the editing process. I'm not sure I've ever created anything quite like it. I'm super excited but also a little fearful of its release, but I know those hardcore Hypnosis fans who love the real thing will revel in disappearing down such an ominous, deviant rabbit hole.

CLICK HERE To see it in full on Kinkbomb

CLICK HERE To see it in full on IWantClips

I'm also super pleased to announce that I recently came 5th in top selling clips for the whole of 2019 on IWantClips so a massive MASSIVE Thank you to my fans! I know this new file is going to blow your minds and there's also a big website update coming soon! 2020 Is the year to submit in full.



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