Annabel's Christmas Special 2019

Christmas is going to be hard this year in more ways than one! Welcome to Annabel's Christmas special!

There's nothing like that festive time of year! All those Christmas songs, the tree, the tinsel and the warmth of sharing that special day! For many, Christmas pulls out the memories from within and sends us back to a more innocent time.....But what if Christmas began reminding you of something totally different? What if each carefully wrapped gift under the tree sent you into a state of submission? What if seeing an image of Santa set your thoughts racing with submissive desires? What if that badly knitted christmas jumper caused boners that there's no way of hiding?

Stop what you're doing right now, click buy, sit in your chair, relax and make this the most interesting Christmas you've ever experienced.

Full video Includes Theta waves, binaural, ASMR, visuals as well as a long induction and specialist anchors/triggers.

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(Please note: Both links contain adult content and should only be used by persons aged 18 or over)

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