A New Era Ctrl Alt Del

Well hello you!

I'm super excited to announce the start of a new era, an era that will allow my fans and followers to partake in a constant stream of brand new Hypnosis. For many years I've spent huge amounts of time producing a single Hypnosis file. Up until now the process hasn't been as streamlined as I'd have liked and I wanted to improve by being able to produce more Hypnosis for my fans while retaining the same level of creativity and quality or, improving on it.

I'm pleased to announce the first release using this streamlined approach. Ctrl Alt Del, a rather sexy file that will send you deep into trance using improved techniques then have you in a daze as I both seduce you and remind you of who you must worship and how. With ASMR whispers and sounds, a nice long induction with a variety of relaxation techniques and of course me on your screen for the whole 28 minutes for the first time in history, I guarantee to blow your mind and your load.

Get ready to be end tasked.



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