Fan Clubs and Exclusives

Well hello you!

I've got a couple of very exciting announcements!

The first is, after many many requests I've started my own premium fan club. By becoming a member you'll get to see exclusive teasing clips, fetish clips, hypnosis triggers, mini files, and many of you will remember that I used to run a free webcam chat occasionally, well, I plan on doing that again however, only members of my fan club will have access to the password for the chatroom! My fan club is something I will be continuously updating, far more than any of my social networks, so if you're my fan, then do yourself a favour and go subscribe by clicking the below image or by CLICKING HERE

I'm also very excited to be releasing a HUGE series, the Manchurian Candidate. Many of you who know a thing or two about mind control and brain washing will be familiar with the term and the book. I'm super excited by this file (Or series of files). There will be no huge clue beyond the title as to what the file is set out to achieve so you'll have to get the file/s for yourself to find out. Part 1 in the series will be a simple sleep deprivation loop (So make sure you partake when you have a day off work) and it will be followed by the main file itself which will be listened to directly after a night of sleep deprivation. Both files will be released at the same time and further files in the series at a later date. There will also be some exclusive related clips and mini files released in my fan club so another reason to join!

Now, onto my Kinkbomb fans! I've noticed that my Kinkbomb fans just ADORE feminisation, and, for that reason I've decide to release a new 3 part feminisation mega series that will be exclusive to my Kinkbomb fans. I have some unique concepts for this one so I know the sissies are just going to love how feminine it's going to make them feel!

Lots of goodness (Or badness, however you want to look at it) is coming your way, so stay tuned!



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