Dreamland - The Feminisation

My fans have been crying out for a new feminisation so HERE IT IS!

Imagine being able to drift off to sleep and enter a state where a dream feels so real, you can actually touch it! Imagine that touch feeling so real that when you wake up the next day it feels more like a memory than a dream! Imagine having some power to control your actions within your dream so that you may live out your deepest desires such as feeling totally female within your dream! Imagine all the possibilities of living as a female deep within your dream and living out all your feminine fantasies! Imagine no more!

With masses of psychological detailing, a long induction to ensure you drift off pleasantly and instructions to ensure you get the absolute most from the file, not to mention a heap of anchors and triggers, you’ll be deep in a lucid dream wearing your prettiest skirt in no time. The most fun one can have in their sleep guaranteed!

Let the intense dreams of feminisation begin!

Click here to SEE IT IN FULL on Kinkbomb

Click here to SEE IT IN FULL on IWantClips

(Warning, the links above lead to adult themed content)

Here's a short teaser from the full file:

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