The Resurrection - Your New Religion - OUT NOW!

The deepest most life altering brain wash file to date, a whole hour of otherworldly Goddess goodness.

Have you ever considered the true meaning behind the term 'Goddess' or is it just a term you've thrown at beautiful ladies? Have you ever considered you own existence or the time you have and how you could put that time to good use? Have you ever considered just how precious and fragile life actually is? Well, you're about to consider all things.

Come with me on a deeply emotional journey that's not only designed to bond you to me as a worshipper for the rest of time, but, also designed to, surprisingly, improve every aspect of your vanilla life. I know what you're thinking 'A Domme improving my life?!', well here's the thing! I've always used the term 'A broken donkey cannot carry the hay', so what if I super boosted your abilities in life? What if I made you appreciate every second of every day and live life to the absolute full and in return, you worship and obey only me?

Expect a deeply introspective, emotional journey that will transform the way you think, move, live and work while also adding a whole new level of submission and worship. Learn what it means to really worship a Goddess!

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