The Resurrection - An Unexpected Journey

Every once in a while a journey takes place that is unexpected, a journey that changes everything for the greater good. My next file will be based on the most amazing personal experience and journey of my own and I'm almost certain it's something you won't be expecting.

The Story Behind The New File

(Please note - The story is a true one and does contains both personal and religious elements. It is not intended to cause offence to anyone of any kind of belief system, we all have beliefs or lack of, and I whole heartedly believe in freedom for anyone to believe in whatever is right for them. While I do appreciate this is a bizarre, possibly incorrect forum for such discussions, I think it's vital to tell the story in order to enlighten those who partake in my new file. I will not name the religion or idol in the story in the public domain out of respect)

Around 11 years ago I was in a very dark place. Life wasn't going as planned and without divulging too much personal information day to day life had become somewhat hellish.

One night I rested my head on my old familiar pillow, I looked at the ceiling, a familiar sight when you're an insomniac. Very slowly I began to drift into sleep.

Suddenly I was in a dessert, trudging my way through the endless dunes. The sand whipped up by the strong hot winds from the top of the dunes, the sun and flying sand pierced my skin like hot needles. In the distance I saw an oasis, a stunning place so vivid and beautiful. I began my long walk to this place of sheer beauty. Suddenly I was at a small rock pool, I could hear the water from a small waterfall entering the pool. It was surrounded by the lushest green leaves and purple orchids I had ever seen. Never have I seen such a place, it was heavenly, lucid and so real to me. I never had dreams like this, inside the dream everything was real, in fact, when I recall the dream it feels more like a memory, it's the only dream I've ever had that I haven't ever forgotten.

It was then a face appeared in front of mine, the face of a beautiful female. Her large dark brown eyes just totally absorbed my entire being, it was as though I was looking into eyes that knew everything about me, that forgave me for every bad thing I'd ever done, that provided total acceptance, she just knew me inside and out and accepted all of it while loving me beyond a depth perceivable to the average human. Her face, head and neck was adorned with the shiniest gold I had ever seen. She smiled, and at the exact moment she smiled I felt an intense comfort come over me, total serenity, a serenity I've never experienced before or since. As she smiled, she lifted her hand to offer me something, it was a purple Lotus, I gazed at it, brighter than any earthly hue of purple I'd ever seen, she reached out, her smiled widened, so soft and comforting, and motioned for me to take that Lotus flower. As I reached out and took it I was thrown into the most relaxed, happy, serene state I have experienced to date, that Lotus touching my hand just gave me an all powerful feeling that everything was going to be ok, that I was now free of all afflictions apart from one, discovering who the woman in my 'Dream' was.

I awoke from that 'Dream' as a totally brand new person, it was as if my slate had been wiped clean, I no longer had the afflictions I'd suffered with for the days, months and years before, I instantly stopped any and all medication as I didn't require them any longer and went on a journey to completely transform my life, all from one 'Dream'.

For years I searched religions online, I was certain that this dream was one that had a level of religion involved, this woman had to be a goddess of some sort. I approached Buddhism as the Purple Lotus features a lot, but sadly, years passed and I simply could not find out who she was. Maybe it was all just my imagination even if it felt like so much more.

Fast forward 9 or so years. I was wandering around an old junk shop in Eastern Europe, there was what looked like a lump of old brass sat on a shelf. For some unknown reason I was drawn to this lump of old brass. I asked the guy behind the counter-

'How much for this?'

He named some ridiculous price as I was a foreigner, I mean I didn't even know what I was buying, you couldn't even see what it was, it was so old and covered in bit of goodness knows what.

For some reason I bought it. I got it home and spent hours cleaning it up like some weird obsession. Slowly, bit by bit a statuette of two figures began to emerge. Finally it was all clean and it was clearly two people dancing, it was also clear this was some kind of religious icon. I had no idea what icon this was, where it was from, it certainly didn't belong to the religion of the country in Eastern Europe I'd purchased it from. I took a photo and posted it online to see if some friends might know. A few made some suggestions, but one person who is very knowledgable about the subject sent me a picture of the same statue and told me exactly what it was, and who it was.

I entered the names into Google......It was then I fell out of my chair. The face staring back at me from my computer screen, there it was, that face again, it was HER!!!!!! She was the Goddess of wealth, good fortune and prosperity. I was blown away and perplexed, but hey, coincidences happen all the time right? It was then I looked back at the statue and smiled, at that moment I noticed a small hole in the hand of the Goddess in question. Guess what was missing??? A PURPLE LOTUS!!! Somehow, over the course of time the statue had lost the Purple Lotus attachment.

I instantly went into my garden and did my very best to rebuild the oasis from my dream, I surrounded it with purple flowers and built two small waterfalls, I placed the statue on a window looking out over the oasis, every so often I'd pick a purple flower place it in her hand. The most bizarre thing about all of this? The text and religion from which she comes is completely at odds with anything I ever knew, talked about or witnessed, this dream and the knowledge that came with it really did just appear from thin air, there is no way my dream could have been influenced by an outside force such as seeing it on TV as it simply didn't exist in my little corner of the world.

To this day I have that statue, and another much more grand version.

A few weeks ago something occurred to me. While I would never undermine the Goddess in question, I began to ask myself

'What if I could bring a similar experience to my followers? One that not only created a whole new layer of submission to me, but also improved the vanilla side of their lives ten fold?'

Well, I am pleased to announce that in the not too distant future, I will release a file called 'The Resurrection' and its aim will be as above. I give you my absolute word that no other file like this exists anywhere on earth and I consider the file a homage to the true Goddess who changed my life, I only hope she sees it as relevant and gives her approval.

I look forward to providing you with the most enriched lives possible for the period you spend submitting to me.

Empress Annabel Fatale

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