A long time gone

Dearest fans, subs & slaves,

I know I've been MIA for quite some time now. It hasn't really been out of choice. I've had a vast plethora of messages, emails and comments wondering where the hell I've vanished to. I just want you to know that I'm perfectly fine, I've just had visitors that I see once per year come stay with me for summer and as I now live in a much smaller farmhouse, privacy to create anything or be online has been drastically reduced.

To be perfectly honest, the long break has done me some good, to continually create a better set of files than the last week in, week out is extremely hard going and, as most of you know I really like to put effort and creativity into my files, I don't like just releasing any old junk, that's pretty obvious though. To add to this, as it's been almost impossible to create D/s content, it gave me some time to focus on vanilla business as that's permissible with my visitors being around. By some strange turn of events I managed to secure a contract with a large European TV station for vanilla work and also gained a very lucrative regular contract. The good news is neither will eat into my AnnabelFatale.com time.

Now for lots of good D/s news. I will be back online fully at the beginning of September, I hope to completely revamp the website and once again do free live webcam chats once or twice per month as I've really really missed being here!!!

The time away also gave me a vision for one of the deepest, life changing files I've ever created. It's a slightly bizarre yet epic idea of god like proportions and has already started being produced when I've managed to get time away from prying eyes. Naturally Dreamland, an audio only lucid dream set of files will also be released. I'm hoping I can manage to get the god like proportions file out this month, so keep your eyes peeled.

I've really missed being present, chatting to you all, interacting on my posts and the excitement of new releases and the break has made me refreshed and ready to kick butt.

I can't wait to see you all kneeling soon!



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