An Update Of True Female Supremacy

Hello my subjects!

First of all I'd like to thank each and every one of you who enjoyed 'The Experiment', it's currently number 1 in best selling clips on IWantClips, it's also the top in daily, weekly and monthly sales! The feedback has been outstanding and I'm really really looking forward to releasing Part 2.

As some have likely noticed I'm a little quiet of late, I've mentioned moving my life to yet another new country which obviously takes a hell of a lot of work to achieve (achieved now), but, I've also had some other things going on, things that I think may stir those who truly love female supremacy, I guess you could say my 'Elite fans'. I view my fans as a sort of 'Band of submissive warriors', people who march with me to my successes in life and thus, I like to keep you updated on where we're marching next.

When I began my journey as a HypnoDomme, I never really considered how successful it would be, I enjoyed creating escapism for people and considered it a little pocket money. As my lovely and loyal fan base grew I wanted to expand into other business areas, acquire assets & build a genuine empire, not just a shoe collection (Though I do love shoes). Things got so crazy that I had to hire professionals to help manage my finances. For some bizarre reasons (Fate?) interest in my vanilla work has exploded in my new home, so much so I'm now the director of my own company. Each day I seem to be meeting more people who want to work with me or hire my company, I've sat at the dinner table with some seriously big names from a variety of industries of late and this seems to have taken my company to a whole new level. I mean, I've actually sat with two presidents in the last month, the second time they bought me dinner....Presidents? I mean c'mon!

So, you're probably thinking 'Ahhhh so Mistress has been away schmoozing and that's why it's been quiet', well, not quite.

I've come to a realisation. I can quite easily pin point all my best selling files in my head, I was never sure of the 'Recipe' I used that made them such a success. It wasn't until just before I released 'The Experiment' that I realised why some files were far more successful than others. Creating a 20-30 minute brainwash style clip is not easy. I have to pluck a unique, zany, effective idea out of thin air and make it come to fruition. Sometimes an idea will just pop into my head, let's take 'The Puppeteer' for example.

It started with the idea of a puppet on a string, a common idea. If I try to force the idea, let's say a brainstorm of 'Puppets' I end up with a file that's good, but not as good as it could be. Now let's imagine I have that basic idea 'A Puppet', I store that idea in my mind and I go about my day to day life. I'm driving down the road, suddenly I see some clever advertising on a billboard that uses NLP linking their product to a certain feeling, suddenly I can incorporate that idea into the file. A few days later I'm sat at a restaurant, somebody behind me is having a conversation, they use the word 'Dangle' BAM I have my new trigger word. I see a coffee cup teetering on the edge of a table, suddenly I think about how I can make the slave feel like the coffee cup, teetering on the edge. The next thing you know I have a unique, complex file that makes it to the number 1 spot on my stores, if I force the idea, It may make top 10. My best files come from an amalgamation of naturally flowing thoughts and idea, and to my detriment, this takes time. As you know it's been a while since I released The Experiment, but in that time the ideas for part 2 have been flowing hard and it's almost ready to be recorded.

I hope this brings some light as to why I'm a little quieter than usual. I want repeated number 1s, I want my fans to get what they pay for, a unique, one of a kind file that leaves them in a state of escapism and submission. For that to happen I have to let the ideas flow naturally rather than force them, and, I assure you it will always be worth the wait.

Now onto where we march next. The Experiment part 2 is coming, and it's pretty damn awesome! I'm really excited to get into full creative mode and begin filming, I've also invested heavily in some new tools that give me access to a range of imagery and audio for my files, so if there's shots I can't film here or a sound I can't record, I have access to a bank of both to give you the best experience possible. I'm also hoping to redesign the website as it's getting a little outdated and requires something a little more 2019.

In terms of business, I hope to begin investing in properties again, only this time luxury premium property and I want my submissives to be a part of that journey so, I will be creating a very unique and special file in my stores for those who wish to support that pursuit, all slaves who purchase said file will be entered into a competition to be the first to spend a week at the luxury property in paradise, all expenses paid (Flights included)! You'll also get to hang out with me for some of that week, have live Hypnosis sessions and even some harsh Domination if you so wish! The more times you buy the file, the more chance you have of winning.....That said, the file won't be cheap!

Now let's continue marching, onwards and show the world what a true Alpha female really looks like!

Stay consumed

Annabel Fatale

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