The Experiment - The ultimate in Brainwash Hypnosis

It's absolutely not exaggeration when I say this is probably my greatest series to date.

Using unique programming techniques that I've never quite been brave enough to introduce to the D/s world, I have created a unique file, a file like NOTHING you have ever experienced before!

If you're into fake programming then leave now, because this is 100% the real deal.

Enter my chamber, take a seat, let me tie you in tightly because you are in for one hell of a ride. Concentrate on my soft tones as an equaliser moves around the screen creating a visual of my voice, follow it into a special mental arena where I begin to reprogram you in a way that will bring domination into your daily existence in a way that is so subtle that those around you won't notice, but so powerful it will drive you wild with submissive desire. Expect a powerful journey, one that will leave a long lasting impression of submission.

The sheer volume of work that went into the design of this file is unthinkable, over one month of writing alone, so you can guarantee that this is 'The one' you've been looking for. Multiple layers of audio, anchor, triggers and subtle little touches that will create a whole new reality for you. Go on, take part, I dare you.....

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IMPORTANT WARNING: This File CONTAINS FLASHING and as such is not suitable for those who suffer from seizures or epilepsy. DO NOT partake in this file or listen to the audio from this file while driving, operating machinery or carrying out any task that requires your complete concentration. By purchasing this file you agree that you have read this warning and agree to it fully. You agree to take full legal responsibility for any outcome that may occur either positive, negative or otherwise and you agree not to hold Annabel Fatale, it's subsidiaries or affiliates responsible for any outcomes that may occur as a result of listening to this file.

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