The Loop Of Ruin

Welcome to The Loop Of Ruin - An accompanying file to my full ruination file (Although it's fine to use as a standalone).

Possibly one of my most deviant creations to date, this file will leave you in a state of amnesia, a groundhog day of financial torture where you're never quite sure if you sent that tribute or not. Let me make it clear that this isn't some silly little roleplay file, this is genuine Hypnosis.

Looped a total of 4 times (Though you can put it on repeat also for extra loops) you'll be sent deep into trance, deep into a state of desperation for me, you'll glimpse my shiny leggings as you stare deep into hypnotic patterns designed to quieten the mind, and then you'll drift away and awake with a desperation to tribute....The moment you do, you'll be sent right back to the beginning of the file forgetting all about the first time.

Come play a dangerous game, see if you can stand the heat, see if you can break out of the loop, I dare you....

WARNING: By purchasing this file you agree that you are solely responsible for any outcomes that may occur, either positive or negative. THIS FILE CONTAINS FLASHING AND IS FULL OF VISUALS, IT MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR THOSE WHO SUFFER FROM SEIZURES. Do not take part in this file whilst driving or carrying out an task that requires your full concentration.

Go on, you know you want to.


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