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Well hello lowly ones!

I'm really excited right now! I'm finally getting settled at my new home which I love. One of the things I sometimes lack is inspiration. My fans know I like to create next level stuff and I'm not afraid to admit that it's hard to continually bring you all next level stuff BUT not so much when you live in a place that causes your creativity to explode!

So, here's the big news for fans!

Firstly, with my new found freedom of creativity here, I thought I'd go a little evil! I know fans adored The Puppeteer and I loved creating it, this time however, we go a little more risky - A brainwash file designed to end in your financial ruin. This one makes me hot. It contains huge swathes of video that condition you into being a subservient weakling and also contains a large chunk of genuine mind frying Hypnosis. If you love my Hypnosis, then you'll love this file, but be warned.....It is designed for your ruin so tread carefully!

There's also a part 2 to the file that's a short Hypnotic loop that sends you down a rabbit hole of mind fog and financial leakage, but that won't be released until later today or tomorrow.

You can get part 1 in my stores

Click here for Kinkbomb

Click here for IWantClips

In other exciting news -

I'm working on a hot 3 part series that entails me being your evil therapist. Part one is almost complete already! I'm very excited about the potential with this file, making you so relaxed and at ease then getting inside the deepest, darkest recesses of your fetish obsessed mind....Will I make thing better or make you even weaker and more submissive with each session? You'll have to buy it to find out!

I've also started working with another Domme, Miss Adira! You won't currently find her anywhere else online as I've introduced her to this world. She was very intrigued when she saw my work and so we did a few test shoots together. We're currently working hard on a Siren based Hypnosis but due to the complex nature of two people hypnotising it's going to take some time....

But fear not, you don't have to wait to get your own slice of double Domme action! You can book a double Domme custom clip NOW with prices starting from just £250! Use the contact form or email for more information.

I (We) look forward to beguiling you and making you weaker than you ever imagined, now go get ruined!

Lots of dominant love

Annabel Fatale


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