Beta Male Reprogramming Hypnosis

Every once in a while I get very very excited by an idea. It’s usually a sign that it’s going to be an excellent Hypnosis. Even rarer is a Hypnosis that continues to absorb more exciting ideas as I write it, where the excitement and realisation of just how wonderfully evil, effective and deviant it’s going to be continue to reach unfathomable heights…..This….This is one of those files.

This file is the longest Hypnosis file I’ve ever released at over 50 minutes long, a wonderful long journey if you’re a fan of my soft warm voice. The journey begins with a nice long induction that will send you deep into a relaxing state, following this we’ll do some visualisation with another short countdown. We then experience a range of emotions from happiness to excitement and link them to a sound that allows us to reproduce those feelings simply by hearing the trigger sound. We then move on to explore the facets of a Beta male, the posture, the confidence, the feelings of inferiority and we lock those feelings away deep in your mind so you don’t have to worry about them anymore….

…..Or do you? That box deep in your mind full of Beta feelings can only be opened with a special sound key, the question is, will the key be a discrete key that only brings out your Beta side when you decide to click play or, will it be a key that can be triggered everywhere on earth with no choice causing you to constantly be flooded by feelings of a Beta male until you give up and that’s what you fully embrace?

You may just end up a beta male forever. You have been warned!

Also now available in my store is 'Cum tax' a file that'll leave you feeling guilty if you so much as brush your member without paying the required tax.

Two evilly delightful files just for you!


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