Exciting Goodies Coming!

Happy New Year!!!!

I hope you all had a fantastic festive season and managed to find some time for deviance! Mine was pleasant but quiet! As most of you know over the next couple of months I'm relocating 2000 miles away. Naturally it's a bit of a hectic time for me, but all for good reason as I can create far more content and be more present online in my new home, I do however ask for some patience during this time. Last time I visited my new home, it inspired me to create some of my best files, the area I will be living in is like the ultimate muse so expect some next level goodies as I settle into my new life. Simply knowing I'll be there soon has inspired me and I'm currently working on two separate files for you to get excited about!


A feminization Hypnosis is what got me into this world, however, other than a few files that were part of a bigger series I haven't created anything feminization wise for a long time! One of the great things about producing feminization is I know my work is often used in a non fetish sense, my first feminization was actually listed in a medical journal! It seems those going through gender related changes get comfort from my file while the sissies who view it in a fetish sense get the enjoyment of being feminized!

Having this double whammy has made me want to create a very special feminization that can be used by anyone but also has a level of depth that I've never created before, not the trance itself, but the ways in which you can choose to take part. This time I will be creating a central induction that will be freely available on YouTube. The induction itself will offer a pleasant level of deep trance that will allow me to access the very core of what you believe defines a female. In turn I will link the definitions within you to a very special symbol. You will then be faced with a variety of options to deepen the experience! I will produce a number of files that each relate to a specific depth or characteristic, each file will be available in my store so you can choose which level of feminization suits you whether it be for simple fetish fun or getting over the hurdle of going public.

What's more, I also realize the importance of continually reestablishing, reminding and triggering these feelings within you so I'm going to create a very special line of products that feature the symbol and will be available to purchase. From a simple discrete phone case that brings out your deepest sissy desires to a soft cuddly pillow that reminds you of the comfort being feminine brings you. You'll also be able to purchase dresses and skirts that have the symbol on them! Imagine popping a dress on, looking in the mirror and being instantly triggered!

This series is going to take a massive amount of work but I can't wait to release it!


A new slave of mine recently requested a Hands Free Orgasm Hypnosis. It's not something I've ever released for a variety of reasons, the main one being that many would require at least some basic training for the file to work. This gave me an idea. I will be releasing a HFO file but at the beginning of the file it will offer a weeks worth of instruction, very basic instruction that's easy to carry out throughout your normal day. This will ensure even the most stubborn member will pulsate in an uncontrollable, untouched orgasm.


Although I've always used professional recording equipment, I've always been required to put the files through a series of tedious de-noising programs which can be problematic. I've always used a number of professional camera mounted microphones but always felt an improvement could be made. I'm pleased to announce that I've just invested in a small recording studio that is specifically dedicated to audio alone. I can't wait to start producing files with it shortly!

I look forward to a dominant year for me and a submissive one for you!

Stay Consumed

Empress Annabel Fatale

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