Christmas Fun

Hello fans, slaves and followers,

Firstly, I just want to give a shout out to all those who took part in 'The Cult' and made it past The Pledge. The first members of the secret forum are in and I look forward to creating content for the forum and my cult members. I know the Cult was really for my hardcore Hypnosis fans, but don't worry! I have something special coming for those of you who love my full video brainwash files!

I've noticed my full video brainwash files have a MASSIVE following, so, this Christmas I've started work on something a little special for you. I'm creating a full video brainwash that's a bit naughty, well.........Very naughty. I got to thinking about a file a while back after I remembered an old Christmas Hypnosis brainwash audio I released on YouTube. What if instead of sprouts, turkey and badly knitted jumpers being your association with Christmas, your kinks are all you associate with the festive season? I would explain some more, but it would give the game away....

I've designed the initial file, I have brand new shooting locations for the file and it's going to be an epic all out full video and audio file that I know my fans will love. I can always sense when a file is going to be a bit special and not the norm and this is one of those files!

I'm really excited to shoot this one!

I've had a number of slaves also ask what I'd like as a Christmas gift, please don't get anything from my Amazon Wishlist as I'm moving countries and won't receive it. As I'm both moving house and about to pay my old years income in taxes, tributes via my stores are the best gift I could receive at this time.

I'm pleased to say I'm starting to feel myself once more after all the vanilla life trauma and am super excited to get back into creating stuff for you!

Stay consumed

Empress Annabel Fatale

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