The Cult - Sanctuary and Pledge

There's something about going through tough times that inspires creativity and The Cult part 3 really is something different.

I have spent more time writing this Hypnosis than almost any Hypnosis previously, it's a true journey, a journey that takes you, uses your current loyalty and love of service and increases it, showing just how vital the act of service is to you.

Once you complete The Cult - The Sanctuary (Part 3 of the cult) you will be given a series of challenges that if completed, will allow you eternal sanctuary but also lead you to a secret hidden forum that will contain triggers, tasks and of course, fellow cultists.

Only cultists can access this secret part of my website, but they must be willing to take the pledge.

Come on a lengthy deep journey, take the pledge and access my secret world.

I can't wait to release this file, it's for the true hardcore fans of my Hypnosis and to be able to introduce those hardcore fans to each other and create a true secret cult community to converge upon is a dream come true.

I look forward to you completing The Cult, Taking The Pledge and becoming part of an empire like no other.

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 3 via my Twitter @AnnabelFatale

Stay Consumed

Empress Annabel Fatale

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