A Unique Christmas Treat

A couple of weeks ago a slave that messages me from time to time asked me where he could buy a print of one of my images. I've been asked this a few times and I always dreamed of being able to sell products that relate to my Hypnosis files and serving me, after all, what harm can a constant reminder of your service on an everyday item possibly do?

Anyway, I managed to set up a store that now sells a whole host of Annabel Fatale goodies from T shirts that'll make people blush to a pillow with a hypnotic trigger on it. The store is 100% safe and secure and all sales are handled by RedBubble.com

I'll regularly be updating my store with items that relate to Hypnosis files such as pillows, T shirts and phone cases that'll have my image along with trigger words printed on them.

I'll also be offering a very special 'Sissy line' of clothing that'll exclaim your love of feeling feminine publicly.

Although the collection is currently quite small, it will be updated regularly.

All you have to do is click the link, select one of the images/designs you like, click and you will then be taken to a page containing all the goodies available with that image printed on.


Here's some examples of what's available!

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