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Hello slaves, fans, followers, ladies and everything in between!

As many of you know I recently released 'The Cult'. The feedback has been intense and so has the impact, however, I knew it would really only appeal to my most hardcore of Hypnosis fans, mainly because of the route taken in order to get to the required outcome. You see, sometimes my files can appear as if I'm all 'Loved up' and I'll often create positive emotions during a Hypnosis, many get confused by this and ask -

'Hang on, you're a Domme? Why are you telling us you love us?'

Many people think it's some kind of 'Love spell' or something funky like that, actually, think about it like this: The very foundation of a cult is an undying love for a leader and their belief system, people stay within the cult for fear of losing this 'Love and truth'.....

Anyway, I'm well on the way to finishing the design of part 3 which will be evil :)

Which brings me VERY nicely to my next project. I love creating Hypnosis, but after doing it for such a long time, the need to experiment to keep things interesting is vital. A few days ago I was attempting to take a brief nap, for some reason in my mind I was suddenly in a dark room, there was a chair with a light above it and a slave sat blindfolded, tied and helpless. For a moment I was degrading him, then torturing him with a Wartenberg pinwheel running it repeatedly down towards ........

Suddenly I snapped out of the moment, I instantly knew this would be a scenario my slaves would love to experience, but, rather than a descriptive Hypnosis, I wanted to make the experience even more realistic, I wanted to put the slave into a trance and then have him experience being blindfolded as I strut around the room with that pinwheel. BAM, it then occurred to me -

Many Dommes record Binaural recordings, I often use a technique when editing to create the binaural effect BUT I haven't seen ANYONE record 3D spacial audio recordings, mainly because it requires 4 microphones placed very meticulously in a special layout.

So picture this - You go down into an extremely deep trance with an extra long induction to ensure you are well and truly able to fully experience the scene. We establish anchors from specific sounds to certain feelings and then I hypnotically drop you into the room,......But the moment you land in that chair, the 3D spacial audio will begin causing it to sound as if I'm there, walking around you, taunting you, torturing you and playing with you in a helpless state. As my heels echo around you, you'll be able to actually sense exactly where I am in the room, my voice will guide your mind in a 3d space and I guarantee I can have your nerves standing on end ready to experience each action. I think I can create something so real, genuine endorphins will flow.

This begged a question though - How can I make slaves experience this as generally pain can't be experienced properly under Hypnosis as it's something most don't enjoy.....But then I remember who my fans and slaves were and what they like.

The more you want it, the more painful it will be, now isn't that wonderful concept? I have to run a couple of recording experiments over the next day or two and hope to release the first in this interesting series by the end of the month.

During this burst of creativity I also had some other interesting ideas! I've decided to cave in and do a foot hypnosis after getting continual requests, I have a great idea for this one and it will be full video. I also hope to finally get around to creating a 360 VR therapist scenario where I'm supposed to help you get over your love of domination, but naturally, things don't go as planned.

I can't wait to bring you all this new great content! I'm noticing a lot of ladies taking my file names and using them for themselves, while I'm always flattered, stealing the ACTUAL name a week or two after I release a file show a severe lack of creativity.....Rest assured ladies maybe stealing my file names, but they're NOT producing content anything like mine, don't believe me? Go try one out.

See you soon in a magic headspace

Stay consumed

Annabel Fatale

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