The Cult Part 2 - The Tree Of Lucidity

Welcome to part 2 of the cult.

Only take part in this series if you are happy to be conditioned, this is not a game.

Expanding on the depth of part 1 we revisit the special place and I take you on a journey that offers salvation in return for worship. Rediscover the special place once more, learn its name, understand it, embrace it, get familiar with your altar in this alternate reality and allow me to induce a dream so lucid that the reality of this place becomes part of your nightly routine. Explore a whole new level, of freedom under my guidance as we further condition you into becoming a servant of The Cult.

Warning: This file is hypnotic in nature. DO NOT listen whilst driving or operating heavy machinery. By purchasing this file and clip you agree to accept all responsibility for any outcome that may occur either positive or negative from listening to or partaking in this file in any way. This file CONTAINS FLASHING. Please note that due to the files hypnotic nature only a small portion of imagery at the beginning contains video as you’ll be required to close your eye for much of the file.

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Stay Consumed


Annabel Fatale

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