Fan Club, Cult Reviews & A Payment Car Crash

Hello loyal subjects, fans, followers, lowly ones and lovely ones,

There's a lot been going on here at AF HQ. I'm just under a month away from my big move, a rather expensive move too, however, careful planning should have meant your Empress would move without a hitch, not so, welcome to the adult industry! Let's go with a positive/negative/positive here -

Fan Club

Over the past few years many sites have approached me about starting a 'Fan club'. Initially I was unsure how this would benefit me or my fans. Then, over the past year after releasing Hypnosis files I'd often get a message that went something like this:

'Miss, you should make a trigger file for this Hypnosis'

'Miss, can we find a trigger for this file?'

The thing is, the trigger files were already online! Twitter, YouTube, Facebook pages etc. So not only was I spending vast amounts of time uploading to multiple platforms, I was also pointing people in the various directions of where they could find the trigger files. It all got a bit scatty. The biggest issue is, when e-mailing my store fans, some stores don't allow external links which meant those who'd purchased a Hypnosis may not even be able to get a link to the trigger file. While many fans get to see a trigger on Twitter, I'm limited to a whole 140 seconds, YouTube often don't like my content either. This got me thinking.

After much thought I've decided to open up a fan club with, the idea is I'll produce nice long triggers that aren't limited by time, I can film little personal videos and post exclusive photo content that relates to my Hypnosis files and fetish clips. I also think there may be a live feature so instead of my live broadcasts being on Twitter (Where they get shut down on occasion) I hope to do the live chats in my fan club, even if I have to link to an outside stream for you to view me. One of the biggest problems with streaming live on Twitter is hundreds of people who have no clue who I am or what I do start viewing which causes some interesting issues. I hope you'll support the fan club, it won't be expensive, around $29.99 a month, so cheaper than a single file, and it will be updated very very regularly so it'll be worth every cent! You'll get to know me much more intimately and I think it'll be wonderful to have a community around our empire. I hope you'll be a fan!

Payment Car Crash

Over the past few months payment processors have been dropping like flies from the adult industry due to new legislation, this has meant hiccups with payments and stores as the store owners fight to stay on top of the issues. I noticed that this month, Kinkbomb, a site I love working with hadn't paid me, very unusual. This got me panicking a little, although the sum wasn't huge, it was sizable and had been budgeted in. Yesterday they got back to me, turns out that last month they'd paid me over double on accident, that's a few thousand in case you're wondering!!! As I was away at the time training for a vanilla pursuit I'd only seen the reference of payment rather than the amount. Basically all of last months earnings and some of this months earnings now have to be paid back to Kinkbomb. If you want to help the Empire then this is a good month to send store tributes to try and make up for the car crash. Just to make it clear, I don't blame Kinkbomb, after all, they actually paid me early, but my lack of knowledge of the incident has lead to issues.

The Cult

Anyway, onto happier subjects! THE CULT! Although I was very sure of the effectiveness of this file, I was never really sure how it would go down with fans. I sometimes feel in Limbo between fetish and hypno and I knew this file would be one for my hardcore hypnosis fans. Despite the file being a very deep, strong and effective hypnosis, I didn't quite expect my inbox to blow up like it has with such willing subjects willing to submit to the empire, at least not directly after part 1. The feedback has probably been the craziest to date and it's clear it's been one of the most effective files I've ever created. Something a little strange happened with this file! The induction was actually designed many many years ago, I wrote it for live Hypnosis sessions I used to do and I remember it being every slaves favorite induction. If you haven't heard the file the induction describes a special place, you fly over green fields and arrive at a blue pool with a waterfall, it's very descriptive.

Anyway, yesterday a slave got in touch with me and roughly said the following:

'Empress I love the cult but one thing bothered me, for some reason when you said blue pool and waterfall I couldn't picture it as I've never seen a blue pool with waterfalls and this caused me to come out of trance a little'

Keen to deepen this slaves experience I began thinking of ways to create an image in his head....Then it hit me. Bizarrely I'd actually been to this special place, the fields, the waterfall, the blue pools, I'd also shot footage there, a lot of footage! In a bizarre twist it seems I'd described this place in the induction I wrote all those years ago prior to ever visiting the place. This immediately made my creative side explode with extra ideas for part two and three which are now on the way!

I look forward to beguiling you all into a very special place!

Stay Consumed

Empress Annabel

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