A Note to IWantClips Fans & The Banking Industry

I want to be a voice of reason, just for a moment.

Over the past few months various laws relating to banking have come in to place, these laws hit the adult industry hard and have caused all the big clip stores to seek out alternate payment methods. I believe that it's as a result of this that IWantClips has been forced to reduce models percentage of earnings by 10%. Just imagine walking into work and getting 10% of your wages slashed. As a result of this all my clips on IWantClips will be increased in price by 10% as of 1st Of October 2018 (EDIT or as soon as IWC put the button in place to increase the prices), I apologise to all my fans! Rest assured that I will still sell content as usual on IWantClips as it's a platform I enjoy using! That said, my alternate store with Kinkbomb will retain the normal prices, at least for now. I appreciate this is not the fault of IWantClips, it's the fault of law makers and the banking industry as a whole, so I'd like to have a word if I may.

Dear politicians, you keep making ludicrous laws that impeach the general publics ability to participate in lawful, private practices they enjoy. Ironically you're some of the most consistent masturbators on the planet, at least when your phallus' isn't lying in the mouth of your secretaries. Your job is to keep the country you work for running smoothly, not a single one of you is doing that well at the moment, this makes everyone miserable and in turn they entertain themselves with a little escapism. Perhaps when you stop screwing up so badly and giving us so much stress all the time we'll actually consider turning the computer off and going on dates once more.

Dear Bankers, the biggest pornstars on earth, you publicly fucked the entire western world in a matter of days, leaving many humiliated, you did it without permission and live to boot with coverage of shops closing and people being turfed out of home all over the news. You all masturbate too, so why are we classed as 'High Risk'? Whoever works in your classification department should never be around a woman with breasts, if watching something on a screen is high risk to him (Let's face it, it's a guy who probably spanks himself while his pork sword gets swallowed by the action end of a Dyson) Then heaven knows what risks he poses to actual real life people he finds attractive.

Dear lawmakers, you probably have some involvement in both of the above, you also wank don't you? What is this obsession you have with stopping everyone wanking? Is it that you want to be the only wanker? If so, we can probably arrange a special day for you and then get on with our lives (And porn habits). Please focus on something useful. As an adult model community we looks out for things, if I see an underage girl, an animal getting harmed or something that's illegal in the porn world, I report it. If you force us models out of the game you'll be left with a dark underworld where nothing gets reported. I chose to work in this industry, I enjoy it and so do my customer.

Let's imagine your gran wants a hot dog, she goes to a hotdog stall, the vendor sells her a hot dog, suddenly you run up to her, take the hot dog off her, throw it on the floor, stamp on it and go on about the dangers out Ketchup, you'd look a complete tool wouldn't you??? WELL THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE DOING TO MYSELF AND MY CUSTOMERS.

Onto a more serious note, just consider this: I sell Hypnosis files, most just have video of me fully clothed, I'm not legally allowed to use the word 'Hypnosis' on adult sites because of banking laws and every transaction that goes through my stores is considered 'High risk'. I could sell guns, fighter jets, bombs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and all of them would be considered less of a risk than my Hypnosis voice.....Just take that in for a moment. Welcome to the ludicrous world we live in,

I'm beginning to get tired of being in an industry where I have to send multiple e-mails to get my pay, where you never know if you'll actually get paid (Clipvia) and where how much you get paid changes by the day, especially as I work as hard if not harder than I would in a non adult industry.

I hope things improve and once again, apologies for the price increases on IWC.

Stay Consumed


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