Dreams Come True

Right now, you'll be excited to hear that I'm finalizing the last part of The Program, it will be, without a shadow of a doubt my most intense and epic Hypnosis to date. You don't have to have listened to every Hypnosis in the series to take part in the file, but naturally, the more of the series you've listened to, the more of an effect the final file will have.

Due to being at the final stages, I request that all those who've purchased files in the series now revisit them and listen again as having the file fresh in your mind will make the final part more potent. Time for an Annabel fest, but I can't see my slaves complaining :)

Now, onto a more personal note, a personal note I can finally disclose that will give some explanation to my absences and quietness on occasions. Four years ago I left my crime fueled, drug ridden town and decided to start a new life abroad in a European country. It was hard going, I bought an old country estate that was crumbling, set to work, built a new life, learned a new alphabet and language, enjoyed long hot summers at the beach and everything was going so perfectly, a little too perfectly one could say. One night I had a party with friends and woke up the next day a little hungover but determined that it was now time to bring my business to my new home and pay the relevant taxes (All my taxes were and are up to date), basically it was time to put all my eggs in this specific countries basket. So you can imagine my complete dismay when I discovered my business couldn't be registered due to it being 'Adult'. Figuring this may not really be an issue for me as none of my videos contain nudity I explored my options, everything fell down around me. All the hard work, all the grafting, all the learning a new language was for nothing because now I'd have to leave, completely f#%ing ridiculous as the roads are lined with billboards displaying ladies in underwear with huge playboy logos next to them. I sought legal help and eventually found an excellent accountant who was willing to help me, but I always knew it would only be a short term fix. I now had a dilemma - Quit being a Mistress, find a new business in a country where pay is horrendous and settle down OR fight to continue being a Mistress, find a new home (Difficult with Brexit looming) and move once more. I opted for the latter, as gut wrenching as it is.

In May this year someone I know messaged me and told me they'd moved to a beautiful island, they sent a few pictures and it immediately grabbed my interest. I booked a flight and visited. I fell in love, however, I did have one concern, the cost of living on said island. The costs involved were drastically more than I'm used to, however, some months I make 5 times the average salary so with this in mind I decided I would take the plunge. The legality issues have held me back for so long, they've put me off sitting at the computer, they've given me sleepless nights, they're the reason I quit my live free Sunday chats, they're the reason I only release a certain amount of material each year and the whole thing has slowed me down.

BUT, now for the good news. On November the 13th I leave to live on the island for 2 months, I've rented a beautiful little apartment, booked my flights with extra luggage and I'm all ready to go. In that 2 months I have to find a long term rental (I'll rent for a few years until I know it's 100% where I want to stay) sort my residency and then I'll return to my current residence, collect the rest of my things including my pets and go back to the island full time.

All of this turmoil is to continue bringing you the clips, files and Hypnosis you so love, thus, I hope you'll all support me with this endeavor, not that you'll have much choice after part 5 of the program ;)

Stay submissive

Annabel Fatale

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