Adventures & The Program

I know, I know, you lowly lot have been missing me! The good news now is that it's all hands on deck for the next round of clips and Hypnosis!

Some of you know a little about my Vanilla life so I should explain where I've been. As most of you know I get visitors through the summer so it was difficult to get online, though I did manage. Something else also happened! Around 6 years ago, thanks to one special slave, I went to try something new - Scuba Diving. It became a huge passion of mine. Another thing most of you know is I'm about to up sticks and move to an island in the Mediterranean which happens to be one of the worlds top diving destinations. After gaining vast amounts of experience, including diving with a world renowned camera man, I took it a few steps further this past two weeks and went for both my advanced and rescue diver certifications with ex military. I passed all with flying colors and even got to do a scientific wreck dive.

But what does all this mean? Well, one day I'll have to retire! I'll be too old for making Hypnosis, but, as a qualified diver I'll still get men paying me to wear tight rubber suits! Not much changes eh?

Now onto 'The Program'-

Originally my aim was to create a 10 part series, especially as it's been my best selling work to date, however, I've now made the decision to make it a 5 part series, so, the finale is coming, a finale I've been planning for a long long time so expect something extra special. If you've purchased all of the series, you're going to have your mind blown.

I will then move onto a brand spanking new series I've been inspired to create. Being in the ocean reminded me of a 'Siren' Hypnosis I once made, as I spent more time under the waves I got more and more ideas that are absolutely killer and I know my fans will love, so you can expect this to be released soon!

Over the next few months I will be doing my utmost to keep the files and clips coming your way prior to my big move, once I've moved and settled in I'll be spending a lot more time online and I may just FINALLY reignite those free Sunday evening webchats I used to do.

I look forward to sending you all much deeper than before.

Empress Annabel

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