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Hello ladies and lowly ones!

When I started this journey many years ago, I asked myself a question -

'How can online domination create the sensations of a real life session?'

It's something I've really contemplated over the year and, I think, has played a large role in my success. Naturally, when I started, HD 1080p video was about as high tech as things got. It's one of the reasons I found myself immersed in Hypnosis files, they had a 'Real world' touch to them as I could have a genuine impact on a person from a distance.

Now things have moved on, tech has become something else completely since then and, I've been playing with a variety of new tech, however, the one thing I got very excited about was virtual reality. If you've tried it, you'll know that with the right video and correct equipment, it's as close as you can get to being somewhere else while remaining in your bedroom or living room.

Ever since my first go of Playstation VR, I knew it would play a huge role in everything adult based. I know others have made VR clips, but few Dommes have set foot in the VR 360 water and I don't know of any HypnoDommes who've done anything VR related yet.

I had a VR camera a little while ago, the LG 360, sadly, it didn't really live up to expectations, I wasn't happy with how grainy the image was. Then came along the Fusion which produces 5K VR (Sadly, the files are too big to upload in full 5K). I then invested in the iMac Pro, able to render Virtual footage with ease.

Now, I'm bringing you a whole new world. It'll feel as though you're actually INSIDE the scene, sat, stood or kneeling right next to me. The first clip which is a boot worship clip is now available on both Kinkbomb and IWantClips. Having also now mastered graphics and effects in Virtual Reality, you know you can expect some mind blowing, epic Hypnosis in Virtual Reality too!

Get the boot worship file here -

Click Here For IWantClips

Click Here For KinkBomb

The other great news is that Virtual Reality headsets are now very very cheap and if you own a fairly modern phone, you can use it to view Virtual Reality 360 video! You just simply pop it into a cheap headset, or if you want super quality, opt for the more luxurious specialist headsets below. (For each headset purchased directly from the Amazon list below I get a small commission too, helping the empire expand!)

Now scroll down to see a small taste of my first VR clip.

I look forward to seeing you in my brand new virtual world!

Stay consumed

Empress Annabel Fatale

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