Updates - The Program 4 - Thank You!

Ladies and lowly ones,

I have an exciting update. As most of you know from previous blogs and clips, I'm big on technology, after all, it's what I use to bring you my clips and imagery. I currently work on an old late 2012 27' iMac. Most ladies love heels, nice bags, me, well I love tech because it allows me to create the content you all know and love.

I recently acquired a lot of new tech hoping to create some really unique imagery for my Hypnosis files. For those of you not familiar with the editing process of clips, you throw in the footage, edit it then click 'Render' which amalgamates the whole thing into one clip. Depending on how complicated the clip is (Think 4k slow motion or VR footage) depends on the time this process takes and in many cases, my old iMac gives up the ghost. I recently got some really cool drone footage to use in The Program part 4, the idea was that the viewer could actually experience floating down from the clouds into a field landing next to me. The footage was shot in 4K. It took a lot of prep to get the shot, but we got it, I got home and put it into my editing suite. I got a nice red screen......The same when I attempted to make a 5k virtual reality clip for you all to enjoy.

As most of you know I've been hankering for the iMac Pro and many of you sent over gift cards to help with this pursuit. This morning I finally bit the bullet and dropped £3000 ($3900) of my own money towards the dream machine. It'll take a few weeks to get here, but in September, I'll able to produce FULL 5K Virtual reality clips, it'll be like standing next to me in the room!!! I'll also be able to produce much higher definition clips.

I know many of you also find delight in watching your Mistress' empire grow. Those who've been with me from the beginning know I started out in a small rented apartment on a broken Dell laptop and now work from my very own country estate. One of the other reasons I wanted the iMac Pro was to complete work on a vanilla business that I've been BETA testing. The new business is going to be HUGE, nobody has ever done what I'm going to do and the market is so big it's unreal, the figures involved are mind blowing and the great thing is, once the initial work is done it will all be pretty much automated so the not so vanilla side of things won't be affected.

I want nothing more than my fans to take the journey with me, to be proud of the Mistress they serve and be a part of the empire I'm building. I've had investor friends offer to throw huge wads at my new business for a percentage as the figures involved are in the tens of millions. I've made a promise to myself, when my bank finally reads £1,000,000 I will personally fly out 3 of the most committed slaves and fans to spend a weekend with me on a paradise island in the Med. I expect to hit the above figure by year 2.

Due to the earlier mentioned tech glitch and family visiting, I haven't managed to release part 4 of The Program yet, but other than the drone shot it's all in the can and all about making you a better servant to the empire.

Expect a killer hypnosis and some insane new content as soon as that Pro lands in my lap.

Stay consumed


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