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Dearest Fans, Slaves & Followers,

As many of you know, unlike most Mistresses, I don't have an addiction to shoes or handbags but instead, tech! The reason I love tech is actually because I get to create interesting new content for you all using the latest gadgets. Lately my good puppet has purchased me a number of tech items and my slaves as a whole have got together and managed to get me the new DJI drone (Imagine inductions where you really do float down from the clouds) as well as a plethora of high quality 4k cameras and most excitingly the new Fusion Virtual Reality 360 5k camera (I did a test on YouTube with the LG360, it was early tech so the image was quite bad, but this is something altogether different, it will feel like you're sat next to me if you have a VR headset).

Anyway, with all this tech comes one giant problem.....My iMac. A number of years ago a very good slave of mine purchased me a custom built 27 inch iMac direct from Apple specifically for editing videos, it's what I edit all my clips on to this day and it truly is 'My baby' (So much so I once flew a continent with it to get it repaired by someone I trust). It's been an amazing machine and in total it's come across about 12 countries with me, not bad for a 27 inch computer eh!

Anyway, the problem is this....When I got that iMac, HD was relatively new, slow motion involved super expensive specialist cameras and VR didn't exist like it does today. This means editing with current tech is difficult, time consuming and often impossible. To resolve this I've invested a few thousand in the latest editing software, but my iMac just cannot keep up with the workload.

So, this brings me to you, my slave, my follower. I'm in need of an iMac Pro, that way I can edit VR and slow mo, I can make my videos 4k and I can bring you the very best of what I can offer. I don't expect a single slave to stump up the eye watering £4300 for it (Though if you're that way inclined here's the link to my wishlist - ttp:// ) But if you're in the mood to send a tribute as a way of showing appreciation for my work, Mandatum please do so via Amazon, just click the following link and send to -

Thanks in advance and I look forward to producing some killer content for you! (If you contribute over £100, you'll get some of my files sent to you free of charge).

On another note - Customs and sessions - I'm getting a lot of e-mails requesting custom Hypnosis and Skype sessions, I just want you to note that I'm currently not offering either at this moment in time. I guess you're wondering why? Well, my fan base has grown dramatically over the past couple of years, particularly those who are fans of my Hypnosis clips. Creating quality Hypnosis for my store is both time sensitive and time consuming. I usually take 3 days to come up with a concept, a further 3 days to write the file, then a full day of filming followed by 3 days of promotion and editing while I'm coming up with the next concept, there's only 7 days in a week. I take no time off from this, even while on vacation I'm thinking of the next file or what I can create for my fans, I pride myself on my creativity. If I add 2 customs and some sessions to the mix, I would literally have zero time to do anything else! While I do produce customs for a few members of my inner circle as a thank you for gifts, it's not something I offer out as a service usually. As for sessions, I much prefer doing free live group chats and hope to reignite the old Sunday chat sometime soon as I know many of you are excited for that to return.

I look forward to producing part 4 of the program. If you haven't seen the trigger I released yet then click play below.

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