A Thank You, What's To Come & Fatigue

Dearest Fans, Slaves & Followers,

Firstly I want to thank you all for taking part in the first in the series of 'The Program'. Although I knew this series was going to be special, I completely underestimated just how much of a success the file would be. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch the first in the series become the best selling file I've ever released reaching the No 1 selling clip spot on both IWantClips.com and Kinkbomb.com simultaneously.

However, it wasn't reaching No 1, or being the best selling file that's made 'The Program' so special, it was the feedback. Never have my inboxes been so filled with messages of excitement and gratitude, the messages of gratitude mean a lot, it means I'm creating work my fans both love and enjoy and that's always my aim.

I'm currently working on part 2 which is going to be a bit of a deep philosophical file that allows you to fully grasp your turn ons so that you may fully accept them without guilt, fear or otherwise, in turn this will allow us to really delve into your mind and use your fetishes as the series progresses but also allow an acceptance of me as your Goddess in full. Part 2 will be available very shortly and I know you're going to love it! Once part 2 is released I'm going to test out some new equipment which allows me to record spacial audio so it will sound as though I'm in the room with you and you'll hear my voice as if I'm there with you!

Now onto a more serious vanilla note. I've been a little slow to reply to e-mails and messages of late, I apologize for this, it's never my intention to keep my fans waiting for a simple reply but, as many of my fans know, away from this in the norm of the vanilla realm I live a bit of an extraordinary life. In the past month and a half I've been on two planes, been in 3 countries, two of which I visited twice, I've shot some vanilla films for 3 countries (Yes, whole countries) I've been on two islands, I've been freediving in two oceans, made a film about a rare marine animal to promote a company, been scuba diving, been on 4 ships and in between it all I've been designing files for you guys. Yesterday I succumb to fatigue so finally forced myself to sit down and did my best to get back to you all......But I want you to know these are the reasons you can't just book me for sessions or customs, it's kinda hard to carry out a session 14 meters down while holding your breath or reply to an e-mail while falling backwards off of a boat covered in scuba gear and often the 3g signal on ships is impossible to get. (Yes, that really is me below diving 14m down on one breath and continuing through a cave.....)

Anyway, I look forward to releasing part 2 and I will see you all soon!

Stay consumed

Annabel Fatale

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