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Dearest fans, followers and slaves,

I wanted to take some time out today to thank you all. The reaction to the first part of 'The Program' has been overwhelming. Not only has it been the best selling file ever, it's also had the best feedback and reactions from those who took part. Just about every inbox I have on stores, social feeds and e-mail have been full of wondrous tales of the effect just the first part of the program has had.

I want all of you who've purchased the first file to continue listening regularly so that part two will really take hold. Due to having such a reaction I wanted part two to be mind blowing, I'd already designed the file (And it's a killer), but, this time I'm going to take things much further than before visually, I have a cinematographer on board for the rest of the series as it's going to be far more visual as the series continues.

I know many of you are itching to get part two, believe me, I'm just as itching to get the file out there to you all but it won't be released until post 20th of June due to the vanilla world stomping it's feet (AKA, I have visitors living with me until the 20th, the joys of owning a country estate in a beautiful holiday destination). This isn't a bad thing though as it gives you time to repetitively listen to part 1 meaning the rest of the series will have a far more potent effect on you.

I cannot wait to see the reaction to part 2 because for the first time I can also now produce 360 audio (It sounds as though I'm in the room walking around you). This is all thanks to a very loyal puppet who recently upgraded a piece of my equipment. I've also invested in some new rather special lighting for the rest of the series as visuals are going to play such an important role. I've also captured a lot of footage for this series in various parts of the world and am continuing to do so, so I give a 100% assurance that the rest of the files will outdo almost anything out there.

I hope you're as excited as I am!


-------------------------------Findom and Personal interaction------------------------

Now onto another matter - A handful of you went scrolling through some of my old blogs, blogs that are over 4 years old. In one of those blogs it stated the following -

'In order to become my slave a tribute of £50 must be paid, we will then discuss options personally'

Please don't pay any attention to the old blog, I wrote it when I had a few thousand fans, now I have over 100,000 with some videos reaching in excess of 1.5 million views. It's now become physically impossible to reply to every person who sends a £50 tribute, so unless you simply love Financial Domination as a way to show your weakness or you're a slave who sends extraordinary sized tributes then disregard the old blog. If you want to be a slave, then simply partake in my files and clips! It's that simple and works better for everyone. If you're into Findom and want to really go all out, then by all means as I will give personal replies and clips to those slaves (However, after an initial very large tribute I will vet you as I like to know Findom is something a slave can afford and of course that the slave is sound of mind, I may be a Domme, but I am an ethical one when it comes to finances....not so much with matters of the mind though hehe).

I obviously want to be fair and up front as I do really appreciate my fan base and don't want to mislead anyone!


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