YouTube Fans

Hello you!

I know you've clicked here via YouTube. I run so many social feeds that it's often hard to thank my fans, slaves and followers, so, consider this a thank you for subscribing to my channel. I know many of you enjoy my free releases on YouTube and I hope to release a simple Hypnosis on YouTube shortly as a little thank you (It will also allow new comers to simply relax and get used to my voice which allows files to be more effective).

Now, I'm not just here to sell you things, but if you've only listened to my free releases then you really are missing out. My store files allow me to do things that simple aren't allowed on YouTube. If you're a newcomer or someone who has never tried my files why not check out the 'Consumed' series, The Puppeteer series or the brand new intoxicating 'The Program' which is a series that I'll be releasing slowly over the coming months! It's already had a mass of great reviews and is currently sat at No1 top selling clip on and No2 on two of the biggest adult sites out there!

So what are you waiting for?



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