The Program

Fans, followers and slaves,

I have been designing, writing and shooting the most intense brainwash series I have ever created, I've always tried to remain ethical and while enjoying the benefits of the psychological manipulation that fans and slaves alike enjoy, but sometimes I can't help but turn into a Lioness who devours her prey. Welcome to The Programme.

I know I have a massive amount of enthusiastic brainwash fans, I got so much amazing feedback from the Puppeteer I released last year. This time I've designed a series of files that really push the boundaries and, should only be partaken in by those who are serious about brainwash. This isn't just a fetish clip or an average Hypnosis file, this is the key to the door, the key to the rest of the program. To take part in this full series you will NEED this file. I hope to release it this weekend, however, due to the sheer nature of the file, I realise that it will soon require an accompanying file to 'Undo' the effect. Well, being as I'm feeling extra evil, I haven't written the 'Undo' file yet and when I do it's going to be expensive, but that probably arouses you a little more. All in all I hope to release 10 files in this series that will go deep into your psyche, break right down to the core of your fetishes and then use them to control your daily thought patterns.

Part 1, The Voice Inside Your Head Teaser- Full Video Coming This Weekend

See you inside your head!

Annabel Fatale

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