The Return Of The Queen

Hello slaves, fans and followers!

Oh how I've missed you all! Before we begin I'd like to wish Whoredog a happy 3rd Whoredog anniversary!

First, for the vanilla. As most of you know I've been on the hunt for a new place to call home. This has not been an easy decision. I moved countries 3 years ago only returning back to the UK for business days and to see relatives. I bought my country estate and got to work turning it into a home, it was probably the biggest challenge I've ever faced and, overall, one of my proudest achievements. No school, college or university can provide the lessons you'll learn by upping sticks, moving to a place where you don't even understand the alphabet and attempting to restore a house that's fallen down and crumbled. It's been one hell of an education! Sadly, after 3 years here things came to light that made me uncomfortable being here and rather than a beautiful life in the countryside I ended up in a state of constant anxiety, fear and with the perpetual need to have repairs carried out on everything I own due to the level of workmanship in my chosen country. At one point I had to get on a flight and fly across 9 countries just for a computer repair! The censorship laws here are also insane meaning I have to carefully monitor what content I put out!

All of this left me with much less time to do the things I get pleasure from in life, things like being a Mistress with the freedom to create the content I enjoy making!

A few months ago I decided enough was enough! It was time to call it a day and find a new place that fitted the criteria I was looking for. A friend had recently relocated to a beautiful place, it looked ideal but, giving up on my estate meant that place had to be really worth it, so I booked flights and headed to this magical place to carry out some research. I think it's safe to say after much research on laws, taxes and a visit that left me overwhelmingly inspired, I have found my new home.

Just making this decision lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and means my freedom of expression can now return and I no longer have to worry, not worrying allows me to create better content that you will adore.

In celebration of this decision and to ensure I carry only the best slaves forward with me into my new life, things are going to get a little crazy over the coming months. The 'Free' Sunday chat will be reignited as I know lots of you loved getting to chat with me live, though I will announce which Sundays this will take place as I will be getting visitors throughout the summer. I have some brand new Hypnosis and Brainwash plans that I think will outdo The Puppeteer series and instill a range of useful triggers in you that I can beckon at my will. I have also decided to produce one fetish clip a week so if you have an idea you'd like to see then e-mail it over.

I'll shortly be replying to all the e-mail I received while I was away, so if you contacted me, check your inbox as you can expect a reply today.

I'll see you all soon for the start of a new adventure.

Stay consumed

Annabel Fatale

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