Horses for Courses

Financial domination, it's a funny old affair. I'll freely admit it took me a long time to really understand it and grasp it, it goes against what your average person believes, but there's something I don't understand.

Today I wrote a post on Twitter after going live a few times and having fun with some of my followers. It was a post made in jest relating to ridiculously large tributes for a house (I may be a Findomme, but I'm not insane and realize most people don't have £150k lying around in the account to send off to their fave Domme to buy a house).......

Now, I know Findom, chances are £150k isn't going to land in my lap, but there is also a small chance it could, after all, I've had insanely large tributes before and I've also witnessed fellow Dommes nail huge tributes. That doesn't mean I posted the image expecting my account to be ready for a house purchase tomorrow.

Anyway, after the post I got a message from a guy on Twitter -

'Did you know that you could find a way to make enough money to buy a house instead of tweeting for people to buy it for you?'

No shit Sherlock. I expected this sort of tweet to come from someone who's as vanilla as a £1 ice cream, but shock horror, it didn't! It came from someone who clearly has a fetish for women's heels. Figuring the guy just hadn't experienced Findom before I explained that it was merely a fetish, just like his heel fetish, and just as I may upload an image of heels, sometimes I happen to upload Findom based media or captions. I explained that actually I COULD afford to buy the house myself, in fact, I could afford a far more expensive one with a mortgage due to how much I earn, but I actually want to downsize. He then replied that he'd never met anyone asking for money for something when they could already afford it....Never paid taxes then? I do, in fact my next tax bill will be close to an annual minimum national wage for a year, just in taxes alone.

Here's where people don't understand Findom - If I ask you for something I can't afford myself, then it would be termed 'Begging' because ultimately, I need that thing I'm trying to get and have no way of getting it myself, this means I rely on others, the power is in the hands of the person providing whatever it is I want and at best it's a sugar daddy relationship....Something I'm not into.

Now, what the guy didn't seem to be able to get his head around was this - I asked for tributes towards a house while being able to afford what I want myself, why would anyone do that? It's all about power play. If someone gives up a good volume of their income to me in Findom play, they must know that I appreciate it and to see them work hard for me is what I get off on, but ultimately, each of my slaves knows that I don't rely on them or need them, if I did rely on them I couldn't be a Mistress, I'd be their play thing instead throwing money at me to do what they instruct, no thanks.

I find it bizarre that a man who has a fascination for heels feels it necessary to butt in and berate a tweet aimed at a fetish that happens to be popular amongst my slaves and fans. Surely people with a fetish understand that Fetishes often don't make sense to the untrained eye.

Like I said, if I didn't have money and was on here asking for tributes 24/7 that'd be begging, NOT FINDOM. The fact I can afford my lifestyle independently means nobody holds a power over me (Maybe the damn tax man) and thus I can choose to keep a slave, drop a slave and not worry about the financial impact.

I hope someone messages him about his love of heels, after all, some people go out and get a girlfriend who wears heels instead of poking around Twitter wanking over pictures.

Have a nice day!


P.S. Some great new clips coming this weekend AND I have a big Hypnosis coming out in the next week or so, it's one that's been requested for ages!

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