Crunch Time. Coming Clean.

I've honestly had enough of writing those 'Why I've been missing' blogs, it's time to come clean. This isn't a blog about Fetishes or Hypnosis, it's about me.

For the past couple of years I have had a large problem in continuing to bring you content. The difficulties I've faced are political and involve steering through some very difficult bureaucracy. I've lost endless nights of sleep worrying about it all, so much so it's had a really negative impact on my own mental health and I've now come to a very stark conclusion - By March 2019 (When some new laws come into force) I need to move, not just down the road, but to another country. Emigrating for a second time fills me with both terror and excitement but, mainly terror.

You see, the choices I'm facing ultimately boil down to this -

1. Stay where I am, close down by March 2019 letting all my fans, slaves and followers down, give up on years of hard work and try to start an alternate business from scratch. The upside to this is I wouldn't have to emigrate and I'd get to keep the beautiful home I've spent 3 years building. Just to build my home entailed learning a new language and alphabet. It truly breaks my heart knowing I may have to give up my home because of what I do. Although I'm confident I could set up an alternate business and make it a success. I really don't want to turn my back on, 3 years of 18 hour days in the beginning is a lot to give up, I love what I do, my fans love what I do and it's not something I just want to throw away.

2. Buy a house in the UK, keep my house here and travel between the two each year. This would allow me to keep running, it would also allow me to keep my home here. Although this option seems straight forward, there are some difficulties - I have pets, quite a lot of pets, transporting them across 9 countries every 6 months would be insanely difficult (Especially post Brexit). I'd also always have one house that's empty for prolonged periods. This option would also come at a large cost financially....It isn't an option I've ruled out, at least for now.

3. Move to an expensive Mediterranean island, continue running in a place where I can be online consistently, produce content freely and continue to live my life to the full. This would be a high risk move, the cost of living is dramatically increased, I would have to rent a place for 5 years and rent isn't cheap, accountancy costs and annual fees are high, but on the upside I would make some tax savings so things may even out. I'd also get the benefit of being able to pursue my vanilla interests on a daily basis (Ocean conservation and diving). There is one key problem though - I haven't even visited the island in question yet.

So, in May this year I'm flying to the island, meeting with an estate agent and an accountant to explore and consider the island in question as my potential future home. After my visit I will make a full decision on what happens next......What definitely isn't going to happen is the closure of and, whatever I choose will lead to me being online DAILY! Yep, DAILY! So, if you currently serve me, you'll soon be seeing a hell of a lot more of me. I'm even considering reigniting the free Sunday cam chats I used to do!

So, for those who think I've been away procrastinating, I've gone off the boil or I'm quiet as I don't enjoy being here, you know MOST of the full story now......I'm being forced to emigrate to continue creating content you enjoy. I don't think anyone can be more committed than that?!

I hope my inner circle will continue to support my effort as it's one hell of an effort!

I look forward to a bright but scary future.

Always here, always deviant

Annabel Fatale


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