Something exciting is coming....

So, while I've been quiet I've managed to gain some new film making knowledge, some new tools to play with and some new editing techniques. I decided to play with an idea I had a few days back, just a few simple shots at 256fps.

Anyway, I was rather pleased with how the shots turned out, but, when I uploaded the clip to YouTube as a small promotional video, I got a lot of e-mails (and comments that I've now removed) claiming the clip is satanic, claiming that something is evil about the clip and nobody should watch it etc. This thoroughly delighted me. (You can see the short clip below)

So, there I was post workout rewatching the clip when an idea came to me, the sort of idea that makes me immediately start scribbling notes. I will shortly be making what will no doubt be the most intense eye fixation clip on the market today. Poetic, dark, deep and mesmerizing I just know it's going to open the door to a legion of new fans.

Something else happened. As many of you will have no doubt noticed my lack of presence these past few months and blogs stating I was beginning to lack ideas, making this short clip took me right back to my roots, I used to do a lot of experiments with film, what I never realized was, this was how all my best idea were born, the ideas that got slaves in a whirl they couldn't escape.

So, now I've got back to the roots, rediscovered what inspires my best clips I will now be taking things to a whole new level.


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