The Tone

Ladies and lowly ones,

As many of you know over the past month I have been working on a new Hypnosis series. The idea of this series was to allow those who purchased it to access a page where they could download a ringtone which would act as a discrete trigger. The first in this series is now rendering, and, I give you my absolute word that this is, without a doubt, the most unique file I have ever created, so much so I actually had trouble in the editing process as it repeatedly sent me into trance.

The idea started quite simply, produce a file with a trigger that can be set off any time during a normal vanilla day. A ringtone was a natural selection, it can be set as an alarm, a ring tone, an SMS alert etc. I began writing the file slowly over the past few weeks, and each day something new would come to me, another little piece of something special, the idea continued to expand right up to the final moment of export.

For the ringtone itself I was simply going to record something on piano, but as I considered what I would record I happened upon a specialist musician playing something called a 'Hang'. It was Hypnotic to watch and listen to, so I instantly requested to buy the rights to some audio they'd recorded. I now had a very special sound, unique and perfect for a trigger.

As I wrote the Hypnosis, I talked of the ground reverberating and decided to study frequencies. I incorporated the Schumman resonance in isochronic tone form to add a further level of depth into the immersive nature of the file.

As part of the experience, the listener is sent to an island. I suddenly recalled some footage I'd shot but never really released, it fitted so perfectly.

The great thing about this file is, it can be used by ANY slave and Mistress, thus allowing the Mistress to call the slaves phone at any moment during the day triggering the most submissive or most feminine of sissy feelings.

I am honestly incredibly dazed by simply editing this file, so I really would LOVE to hear your experiences with it!

It's just finished rendering and I don't think I've ever been as excited to release a file before!

See you on the other side

Annabel Fatale

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