Electrickery & Hypnosis

So as most of you know I've been MIA due to an electrical fire at my home. It turned out that things were far worse than I could have imagined despite only being rewired by supposed experts a year or so ago. Keen to get back on here I hired some professionals, moved myself to one room of the house and had the entire place rewired. By the second day it became clear that nothing in my house was earthed, not even my pool, I'd been conned and I'm lucky not to be dead. The cowboys had even used tape to connect my house to mains power lines, TAPE!!! A lot of money and holes in walls later my electrics have been completed, however, I've now had to hire a team of plasterers and once they've finished I have to. paint the entire house.....Time consuming and very costly, but, I like to turn lemons into lemonade......

During all this I got a lot of time to think about the next Hypnosis and, the idea I had relating to using a ringtone as a trigger. As time went on the ideas I had expanded and improved, I'd already written most of the first file, but this thing just evolved and continued to evolve until I came up with a full new series that I think will have some breathtaking outcomes. I now have a file that will not only be incredibly potent, but, uses completely new techniques and specialist frequencies that should leave you totally immersed in the file and totally triggered by the triggers that I'm going to offer. The great thing about this series is each file can be tailored to a specific fetish and then anchored/triggered accordingly.

I'm super excited to finish up the first file of this series!

I've been doing my best to reply via 3G, but the signal here is awful. Now I'm back I can get to replying properly......I have a feeling 2018 is going to be the year I set off triggers in public for thousands of sub, slaves and fans and I really can't wait!

Stay consumed


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