Something New & Clarification

Hello slaves,

Firstly I just wish to clarify something. I've been inundated with messages of concern relating to my last blog, so, to clarify, I'm not going anywhere, I'm not in some deep depression, yes the blog was a little out of character for me but, I felt it necessary to write the blog as I hadn't replied to e-mails and messages......Being a Domme you don't have a boss saying 'Ok, take today off', and when you're as motivated as I am, you often keep going until you can't go anymore, then keep going until you drop. I guess to sum it up, I need to 'refocus'.

The good news is, last time I had that 'Feeling' I went away and came back with a whole new burning ambition, outlook and work ethic, my fan base grew massively and my productivity soared. Sometimes I just need time to step back.

Talking of which, I figured it was time to put a cap on 'The Puppeteer' series. The Puppeteer was the first time I produced full video Hypnosis, and, I know my slaves and fans alike loved it!

Something I always wanted to incorporate into a file was a trigger that can come out of nowhere during a normal vanilla day. I used this technique in some of my previous files, I simply took a small part of something (For example, an international perfume ad) and made it into a trigger, thus when the ad appeared on TV slaves would be triggered. I always wanted to take this idea a step further on a mass scale, to interrupt a vanilla day and suddenly fill your mind with submissive desires, I just wasn't sure how......until now.

I'm currently designing the final Puppeteer, included in the clip will be a password to a page on my website, once you enter that page you'll be faced with two separate links, one for android phones and one for iPhone users. You simply click the relevant link, you'll then be asked to input an e-mail address (I won't be able to see your e-mail, it's confidential). You simply enter your email and you'll automatically be sent a download link for a ringtone, simply download the ringtone onto your phone and select it as your main tone.

Each time your phone rings you'll instantly be placed into a submissive mindset and all the conditioning from the Puppeteer series will become active, what's more, the ringtone will be discrete so nobody around you will know what's happening, only you.

Will you be able to contain yourself and your submissive desires?

To say I'm excited to release this file is an understatement.

I look forward to you being putty in my hands *RING RING* *RING RING*

Stay consumed

Annabel Fatale

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