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Hello lowly ones!

So my last blog post was somewhat negative. I'm pleased to announce that after a friend threatened to take a baseball bat to the garage, my car got repaired quickly. I still have every intention of moving to the coast, and, have decided to take on a new venture, more about that in a bit.

The last month or so has been very testing for me, however, my inner circle made things much happier. There's a new member of the inner circle who has purchased the vast majority of my clips, sent endless tributes via my stores, purchased a new GoPro, a Karma grip, boots, a GoPro lighting rig as well as a number of other gifts. Puppet started the month with a nice large tribute which saw Christmas resolved and then purchased me an iPad Pro which I'm very excited about as it's even more mobile than my laptop yet can handle workloads meaning clips can be made almost anywhere potentially. Whoredog paid his usual tribute but then failed his chastity so was fined. Slut has been a little quiet, but did order a custom and sent some lovely images of him in his dress. All in all they've done a great job of keeping me happy this month.

On Monday I fly to the UK, it was a last minute decision, but I will be in the UK until the 28th of December. The trip has been an expensive one due to the time of year, I'll break down costs so that good slaves can reimburse me.

Flights - £408

Car rental - £318

Hotel - £120

Parking - £90

Naturally throughout my visit to the UK I may be a little quiet as it's rare I get to spend Christmas at home, however, I will remain in touch with my inner circle members.

Onto something altogether more exciting. A couple of years ago I had a plan for another adult business, sadly, due to traveling, renovating etc the idea got put on the back burner. I did a little research and was confident that it could be a success, but, as the saying goes 'You just can't find the staff these days'.

Well, I'm pleased to say that the biggest missing ingredient for the project was a writer (I already write too much, particularly when you add in custom Hypnosis etc). and we've now found our writer! The next step will be finding a handful of beautiful models who own pro recording equipment so that I can buy content from them, shouldn't be too hard!! I'll shortly be contacting all the platforms I currently sell on to open separate stores and then I'll finally be able to put this plan into action! I'm very much looking forward to a new challenge!

See you all on your knees!


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