Worry Not

We all have problems in our day to day life, I have always tried to keep mine well away from here, it's not the place to be moaning or indulging in an airing of dirty laundry. A lot of you however have noticed my absence over the past couple of months and, emailed or messaged wondering where I am and if everything is ok. So many of you have asked about me that it's been something of an eye opener, so, I thought it fair that I come here and explain what's been going on and why I haven't been very present online.

Some of you will be aware that two months ago I purchased a new vehicle. I had spent the previous two years throwing money at my old car trying to get it repaired, 5 garages and around £3000 later, I sold my old car and replaced it with the new one. Naturally most second hand cars come with problems, so, the first thing I do is send the car to be checked over and repaired. The garage fitted the wrong size tires, so I sent it back, they fitted the wrong size tires again, not only that, but, in the process of trying to repair my car, caused even more problems, TWICE. I have now used every garage in my location, none seem to be able to fix a car. I'm now £600 deep into a repair, yesterday my car wouldn't start, there was anti freeze all over my engine and wiring was simply placed on top of a hot engine, all problems that didn't exist prior to taking it for the repair.

To make matters worse, I'm told 'Ok we'll call you at 10am', I sit and wait, no call, I call them, no answer. I'm then left waiting for a repair, I'm unable to go anywhere in case the garage shows up and I end my day with little having been achieved.

Now, I can guess what you're thinking 'Come on Miss, it's just a car, surely you can find another garage'. Well, I'm now on garage number 6, the last garage that's anywhere near my location. Yes, it is just a car, but, I live in the middle of the countryside miles from anything with winters that contain months of snow and temps averaging -20c. Without my car, I'm screwed. So far this repair has taken two months, and they can't replace the bad tires for the correct size for another week, the first snow came yesterday.

'Ok so you have a car problem......'

Well, no. My problems run much deeper. Again around 2 months ago I watched a relative plough money at a house they'd purchased. It all went horribly wrong, nobody seemed to know what they were doing and the relative ended up with a £6,500 bomb shelter ultimately. Seeing a relative having a breakdown I decided to do something. I called meetings with the building contractor, made them honour some original agreements, then fired them all (All men too, I'm sure many of you would enjoy watching that). I somehow magically became a project manager, and, once again I seem to be dealing with a complete lack of punctuality and people who don't have a clue. This morning the building team were surprised to see me drive past them as they sauntered in half an hour late.....Not my problem, they'll just go home half hour late.

So, ultimately, I've spent two months WAITING FOR OTHER PEOPLE who are incapable of doing what they claim. This in turn causes a knock on effect as I then have to let other people down.

There was lots of other hassles in between all this, but I won't bore you. (Couriers that call me from 20km away to tell me to come meet them to collect a parcel, daily, with no car....)

All of this hassle made me realise something.......and it's a little bit soul destroying. In three years I've turned a rural dump and a shell of a house into a beautiful country estate. Sadly I've done it in an area that's so laid back it's lying down, where being on time means nothing, where using a skill for one day makes you a master of it, customer service doesn't exist, knowledgable experts don't exist and life as a whole gets very frustrating, the complete opposite of why I came here. This has made me face a terrifying reality, and that is, I have to move.

I've decided that first thing on the agenda should be buying a new place back home in the UK, and, I will return for 2-3 months each winter. Naturally this is going to take some time and hard saving. The upside of that is, I'll be around many of my UK slaves, and, when not living at the home I will turn it into an Air BnB so it becomes an asset. The second agenda is to sell my country estate (Fancy owning the largest piece of Annabel memorabilia in existence? It's going cheap!) and I'll move to the coast here for the rest of the year. The coastal region is much more civilised and things get done on time for the most part.

So, there you have it! That's why I haven't been on! Huge life changing decisions, idiot mechanics and builders who shouldn't even be allowed to play with lego.


Thanks to those who serve and have taken the time to promote, this month has been one of the best months to date for clip sales, so good work, that's a nice chunk towards one of the properties. I also want to thank my inner circle! Puppet sent another large tribute at the start of the month, my files really are having a powerful effect on him and I enjoy seeing the control go. We also have a new stable member! Just like puppet he keeps his conversations to e-mail, but, in his first few days has bought me endless gifts (Including a beloved GoPro) and sent large tributes alongside buying the vast majority of my clips. Whoredog was a naughty little bitch and paid a fine, but has continued working. Slut has just ordered a custom for the first time in a while, he's been having problems too.

The good news is, I'm shooting clips this week and weekend. I'll be doing customs for those who spoiled me during my absence and also I'll be producing some new store files and clips.

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