Sessions - QUIT ALREADY!

This is for those who keep asking about sessions.

I am slowly being driven crazy by certain people requesting sessions, I've had calls at 2am on Skype, messages via my group, emails and it's driving me nuts!!!!! Please let me give you an explanation....

I live on a very large, very muddy country estate, I DO NOT walk around in leather, PVC, high heels, with my hair done perfectly and a face full of make up on, on a day to day basis. While I adore wearing these things and dressing to the nines, it's a bit impractical to live in those clothes and constantly look like a princess. I won't jump on cam in a baggy jumper, that's not what my fans pay for.

I used to offer sessions every single day of the week when I wasn't so established, it got out of hand and I'd spend 18 hours a day sat at my computer. Eventually I cut this down to a weekend, and finally just to a Sunday. As my stores began to grow, so did the workload for those stores, and, each store makes far more than any sessions I ever did. I now spend all week writing, recording and editing for my store, most weekends are spent promoting, chatting and discussing things with my inner circle.

If I offer sessions as well, that would leave no time for my normal life! YES, THAT'S RIGHT, I HAVE A NORMAL LIFE TOO!!!! You know, I do things like walking my dogs, meeting friends, going to restaurants, training, travelling in between all the day to day nonsense that any other human being has to do (Shopping, pay bills, clean house, car repairs)..........

Despite appearances, I'm not super human and do require some time for myself.

If you're a slave who serves from day to day, tributes, buys my clips etc then by all means e-mail me and we can set up a session. If you've never served me before, haven't bought a clip etc, then go do that first before requesting a session. I don't do the whole 'But I need a session right now', so, if that's what you're looking for, I'm sure there's a Domme out there willing to do it for you.......


STOP CALLING ME ON SKYPE TO ASK FOR SESSIONS - It's very unlikely that it's me who will answer, my content manager also uses my Skype for discussing issues with my stores etc. I don't do calls to discuss sessions.

STOP MESSAGING MY GROUPS - I rarely check the mail in them.

EMAIL ME - Feel free to e-mail me, but, if you don't get a reply it's because you either 1. Don't already serve me or 2. I'm not offering sessions at the moment.

I MAY offer sessions during the winter, so, follow me on Twitter and look out for posts offering sessions! My Twitter is @AnnabelFatale


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