Seizure Of Savings

Hello Puppets,

Great news! I'm finally catching up. I'm currently editing up the findom segment of the Puppeteer, it's a dangerous file, particularly if you already have a penchant for findom. Again a lot of work went into it, and, well, let's just say if Findom gets your heart racing, this file will give you a heart attack.

I've made a decision for all slaves. From here on in, you will remain in chastity each time I release a new file. You won't be released until I sell a set number of files. For example, with the findom file that's coming out, you won't cum until I sell 30 copies. It's in your best interest to promote and ensure it sells, otherwise, you simply won't cum. Simple.

I look forward to having you all dangling from your puppet strings with your wallet hanging from your mouth......and yes, I'm coming for ALL your savings.


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