Where are you?

So, you're probably all wondering why I've been so quiet after my return from Italy, I planned on just continuing as normal on my return, but, I continued getting e-mails asking why I haven't replied or why a custom wasn't ready yet.

So here's why - I flew to Italy, it's a short flight but a long drive to the airport. I landed and my Italian friends were waiting for me. We instantly set off for the centre of Napoli on a Saturday night. I have never seen anything quite as insane as I did that night, it was like demolition derby, the streets were crammed with insane drivers, crowds and mopeds, so much so the army was present to try and control the complete chaos. Every restaurant was filled to the brim! Thankfully, one of my friends wields a bit of power in Napoli, and, complete with his bodyguard and a trail of us in tow we got into one of the best restaurants Napoli has to offer, allegedly the home of Pizza.

The next day at 6am we set off for a small town on the other side of Italy as another Italian friend had offered up his villa on the Ionian sea. We spent 3 nights in the quaint little town. Directly after the 4 hour drive we headed to the beach to go freediving. What followed was 4 days solid of freediving in the intense heat (They haven't seen rain in 3 months). This was followed by parties every night. I was always the last to bed and the first up.

After days of diving and partying we headed back to Napoli. The day we got back our Neapolitan friends were, once again, waiting to party. The next day we headed to Pompeii, it was around 40c. We toured the area on foot for around 6 hours, then, decided it would be a good idea to climb Vesuvius on the same day. I was half way up Vesuvius when I began feeling a little strange, however, I was not about to give up after getting this far. I continued scaling the live volcano and suddenly felt a horrid thumping in my head 'Dehydration' I thought. No matter how much water I drank I couldn't seem to shake the feeling. By now my friends were getting concerned and urging me not to go any further, but I persisted until it wasn't an option anymore. The safety team were called and a 4x4 came up the side of the Volcano to rescue me. There was no way I was going down and I eventually got them to take me up as far as they could. The short respite brightened me up enough to walk the rest of the way to the top.

When we got back I could barely stand up so headed to bed. The next day an 8 hour walking tour of Napoli took place, thankfully it was a cooler day, however, I still felt very odd and walking had become a painful chore. I managed around 7 hours and had to call it a day.

The next day I spent 10 hours traveling home. I still wasn't feeling myself, but, when a neighbour caught sight of me, she demanded I go with her to see a Dr. The Dr exclaimed that I was suffering rather badly from exhaustion and that I MUST take a week of rest. At first the symptoms actually worsened, shivering, migraines (No looking at screens) and generally feeling like I'd been attacked by a sledgehammer.

I'm pleased to say I'm now feeling back to myself helped along by another nice tribute from my mindless puppet and whoredog.

Today I'm starting on customs so those who sent tributes before, during and after my trip can expect clips, I'm also playing catch up on some Hypnosis customs.

Finally, despite being exhausted, I did consider what should happen next with the Puppeteer and have some devious plans. Another thing I'm going to do is create a free file on YouTube for newcomers as I often get asked the question 'Which Hypnosis should I start with?'

I look forward to consuming your minds once more.


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