The Return Of Your Puppeteer

Well, what a summer it's been, and, continues to be!

I've spent a vast amount of time travelling and continue to do so. Naturally, I can't forget my slaves, fans and followers! The excitement and interactions created by The Puppeteer had could not be ignored, and, I knew it had to become its own series. During my vast time stuck on aeroplanes I had plenty of time to consider what the next instalment would entail. So the journey began writing vast quantities of embedded commands, linguistics play and deep subconscious anchors that initially appear subtle, however, the effects will become apparent with time. I wanted real brainwash once more, but, in a way that almost felt like you were out to dinner with me, and, I completely engross your mind leading to a future of endless cravings. You need The Puppeteer - Part 2 - A.F. Ultra full video hypnosis. Get ready for the most elegant mind crushing brainwash file you've ever seen.

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