Summer thus far & Birthday!

Hello Slaves,

I want to thank all those who made my birthday extra special! It was a superb birthday, with lots of fun! Sadly, I've fallen slightly behind, and, owe many of the members of my inner circle custom clips. Rest assured these clips won't be forgotten about and, will be produced.

Those of you who've served me for a long time know that summers are difficult for me as I get a constant stream of visitors (All part of living in a paradise). I fell slightly behind with clips thanks to a number of occurrences. The first of which was the huge, time restricted project that took place on my country estate. I decided to have a pool and hot tub installed and a large deck area built......

The project was supposed to be completed by July 15th, however, as the project began to gain ground, the temperatures suddenly soared to an unbearable 47c. This meant my workers and project manager were around from 7am until 2pm, then returned to work from 5pm until 10pm. Work was obviously slow and the project ran a week over its due date leaving me barely any time alone to record. The project was finally (Almost) completed on the evening of my birthday. In the little time I had free I had to prepare my estate in the insane heat for the upcoming visitors. The good news is, I can film next to my pool and hot tub, a luxurious new location :)

Every year I fly to greet and collect my visitors. The day before my birthday I had to head into Bucharest to catch a flight to London, then I met my visitors, got back on the plane with them and flew back to Bucharest. All in it's around 20 hours of travel and 8 hours of flying all with no sleep. It half kills me every time! It was made more difficult by car troubles (I'm beginning to despise Audi) My visitors stay until 17th of August, so, sadly I can't film anything until then :/. Late August I may be flying to Naples to meet La famiglia (Let's just say, my non biological family ahem). Between the 17th and my potential Naples visit I will no doubt get some clips done for you. I'm also looking forward to getting back to experimenting with the VR camera (Especially for you my mindless puppet).

Late September to early October I have, yep, you guessed it, more visitors.

It's not all negative though! As mentioned in previous blogs, a break away and travel always inspire me to create something special (It was travel to the coast and a penthouse that made me create the Puppeteer, which has been received insanely well and has seen a whole plethora of new slaves come on board). I also mentioned previously that I'll be continuing with this style, and, creating a series around the Puppeteer. I've had some really intriguing thoughts and ideas surrounding this, and those thoughts are building into something a bit special. Expect something rather unique!

I have some awesome experiences coming up, on the 30th of July I head to an amazing 5* complex for 5 nights. That wasn't quite enough to quench my summer travel thirst, so I decided to try and book a hotel for the weekend following my 5* stay at another of my favorite coastal resorts (My fave free diving spot, another pastime which inspires me). Sadly, all the hotels in the region were fully booked. Not one to give up easily I managed to find a luxury boat available to hire in a stunning ancient marina, so from the 4th until the 7th, I'll be staying aboard the luxury boat.

Naturally, pictures and short clips will be posted to Twitter.

So far, my stable have given me a year to remember, the ideas I have for upcoming files and clips will no doubt inspire you to give me a lifetime to remember!

I'm very excited to see the reactions to the next installment I produce.

Stay consumed

Annabel Fatale

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