A Sad Ending

No doubt many of you witnessed the tirade of harassment I faced over the past few weeks, some of you were even attacked by the person in question, and, it was at the point when my followers got attacked (Yesterday) that made me incredibly angry.

I am not here to get into fights, I am not here to be harassed and I am certainly not here to make anyones life difficult or miserable. For the most part I ignore any negativity, what I do isn't for everyone, most just move along, but, sometimes, every once in a while, a person becomes persistent.

Yesterday, my content manager had to make a call, a call I myself didn't want him to make, however, it was necessary. He called the persons partner and explained in great detail what had happened. I have two sides, the Domme and the human being. As a Domme I have never, nor will I ever contact someones family to inform them of their online activities, there is a fine line between playing with fetish and damaging someones personal life. As a professional Domme I will never participate in 'Home wrecking', it simply isn't ethical, at least in my opinion, I see all women as my sisters. I often warn people who email me and leave personal details in a signature etc about the dangers of doing so, not with me, but with others. However, if you deem it necessary to attack my business, you are quite literally attempting to take money from my pocket, to take food from my table and I will do everything in my power to ensure not only that you fail, but that you fully understand the implications and dangers involved with harassing me.

It may appear like I'm one woman behind a computer running the show, that is not the case. I have a plethora of people, a whole team who help keep AnnabelFatale.com and it's associate stores running smoothly. I have legal advisors, a content manager, accountant, editors and a huge fan base all over the world, all of whom want to see me succeed. Over the years I've made many contacts in positions of power. Every comment made when harassing me is recorded and kept on file.

Yesterday, when I discovered who the person was, and, where they resided, my legal advisor began to gather the evidence for legal proceedings to begin. The law in that persons state is as follows:

(3) Except as otherwise provided in division (C)(3) of this section, a violation of division (A) (4) of this section is a misdemeanor of the first degree on a first offense and a felony of the fifth degree on each subsequent offense. If a violation of division (A)(4) of this section results in economic harm of one thousand dollars or more but less than seven thousand five hundred dollars, telecommunications harassment is a felony of the fifth degree

(5) For a felony of the fifth degree, the prison term shall be six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, or twelve months.

The person turned out to be a father, a husband, a family man. Had I pursued the case, he'd be facing felony charges, ultimately, children would have potentially watched their father go to jail. Let's just assume for one moment that I wasn't a law abiding citizen, and, that I used underhand tactics in retaliation......That person would have put their entire family at risk! For what exactly? A bit of online fun winding me up?

My legal advisor has a case, but I've told them to discontinue with the pursuit of legal action.

When you attack someone online, you have no idea who you're attacking, you have no idea what they're capable of.

Let this be a warning to those who think it's all a fun game to hide behind a computer and attack people.

I wish the person and their family a happy future and hope this lesson has been one they will learn from.


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