A reply to those who hate paying.

It's come to my attention that some of my YouTube fans get agitated because I charge for my Hypnosis files, they seem to think I'm just 'In it for the money' or, as I was referred to this morning, a 'Cheapskate'.

First of all, let's get the age issue out of the way. One of the main reasons I don't release full files on YouTube is quite simple, it's to protect the younger members of YouTube. My services fall into a bit of a legal gray area, it's not pornography yet contains adult themes. I have to use my discretion and common sense. The last thing I want is for a bunch of 13 year olds with daddies credit card splashing out on my wishlist after listening to a file. Teens deal with enough confusion and angst without me conditioning them into a state of confusion about which panties they should wear next. This would lead to legal issues.

The next one - 'But other Mistresses have lots of free files'.

Firstly, you're right, secondly, very few of them will be using genuine brainwash, psychology or hypnotic technique. Instead they'll be using a swirl, a pendulum and telling you their cleavage is your life, usually filmed on a phone or iPad with a living room lamp as lighting. It's also often Mistress' that are newer to the scene than I am who may be looking for a following, I already have a following, 46,000 on one Twitter account alone, I've been doing this for years. I've made 'Gimmick' files like this under contract to other sites, but, never for my own stores. People who listen to those sorts of files fall under one of two categories - They like to role play the idea of being hypnotized OR they're looking for genuine Hypnosis and end up frustrated when all they get is a role play. The role play files don't help me one bit.

Because what I release is genuine and not role play, if I put it on YouTube and you accidentally stumble across a file, listen, it has an effect and you don't like the effect, it would very likely end up with me being in trouble. When you buy a file, it allows me to create a legal disclaimer similar to a contract, by purchasing the file you agree to shoulder the responsibility for any outcome that may occur. Having a credit or debit card to buy the file proves you're of legal age. Two large legal problems resolved.

If you think stumbling on my files and it having a negative effect isn't going to happen, I can happily provide you a reference from a gentleman who listened to my feminization, put on some high heels and continued to break his leg.

Now onto the true cost of my files

While you may see what I do as a bit of fun, HMRC (The UKs version of IRS) does not, they see it as a business, this means I also have to consider what I do as a business, that means I pay taxes on everything I earn and also pay an accountant each year, over £500 ($640) then pay the tax on top which is thousands, the ad revenue I get from YouTube each year wouldn't cover the cost of the accountant, it would just about afford me an Apple Magic Mouse. Just because I'm forced to look at it as a business, doesn't mean I don't enjoy what I do, nor do I do it solely for the money. If I did it for fun, I'd spend about 3 hours a week on it, instead, I put in hundreds of hours.

Now, let's just take a look at the cost of 'The Puppeteer'.

I took a vacation with family I see once a year, 5 days. 3 of those I spent with my head in books and noting down ideas and techniques on an £800 MacBook (That was purchased to WORK ON). I could have been out diving, on a jet ski, laying around the pool, but no, instead I spent it working on Hypnosis (Which must mean I really hate what I do, right?).

When I got back from my vacation I spent a week writing the file, probably around 50 hours of writing, working through notes, adjusting, switching words, ensuring it all fitted together and worked. So let's say I did 75 hours including my vacation hours. At UK minimum wage, the file already owes me £464.25 ($595.50).

Once the writing and design was down, I went and put on a £120 corset, I put on make up from a collection worth around £500, my hair and make up took a further 2 hours. I set up my lighting which cost around £200, set my camera on a Velbon tripod that cost £120, placed my Canon camera onto it (£800 body with £400 lens and an £80 high speed, high volume sd card, oh and a RODE mic worth £120) and began recording. It took roughly 8 hours to record in segments, the temperature while I was filming without air con? 40c, ever worn leather in 40c?

I spent roughly 19 hours editing the file on a £3000 custom built iMac. It took a further 12 hours to render, so while it was rendering I switched to my MacBook to create promotional materials, images, video ads and triggers. I spent time creating two promotional newsletters, I uploaded a promotional video to my YouTube channel and also spent time on Twitter chatting with my fans about the new file.

Once the file had rendered, I uploaded to two stores (1.2gb file on slow internet) wrote the descriptions, titles, keywords etc. Another 3-4 hours of work.

Finally, I spent the 3 days after the release promoting the file and creating more promotional material around it as well as replying to those who had e-mailed regarding the file either pre or post purchase. I also uploaded onto 4 different promotional pages. I spent approx 12 hours a day doing this for 3 days straight.

If you add up the hours, then times that by UK minimum wage, the file owes me - £965.64

If you add up the cost of the equipment used, it amounts to - £5320 not including electric or make up.

Total cost of time and technology used - £6285.64 ($8056.51) let's remember that's only if I'm on minimum wage, I don't know any minimum wage workers who sit on a family vacation working.

Once my files are in my store and selling, I pay up to a 45% commission to those who run the stores, some sites are better percentage, some are not, but let's take that 45%. A $49.99 files will earn $27.50, as most of my files are $29.99 I earn $16.50 off each sale. Now let's consider the fact that being a Hypnodom panders to a very small portion of a very small niche........I have to absolutely dominate that niche in order to make a living. It takes skill, knowledge, luck and some talent, but most of all, it takes A LOT of hard work.

Now, why do I choose to charge what I do for my files? There's even psychological reasoning behind this, and, it's to do with responsibility. If you're on a very low income, you won't want to part with 29.99 because your expendable income won't allow for such a purchase. As I DO practice Findom in some of my files, I don't want to condition someone to serve me who can't afford the privilege, not only would it be a problem for them, it would also cost me in time, answering e-mails and chatting to someone who ultimately cannot afford to serve, I think I already spend enough time here! Generally if someone can afford a $30 file, they at least have some expendable income. Aside from the psychological reasoning, I DO have to make a profit, and because I put so much work in, I'm certainly not afraid to declare this.

That doesn't make my files any less effective, it doesn't make my fans unhappy and if all I released was trash, customers wouldn't return and I'd be bankrupt. Prices are also based upon how many hours of work a specific file took.

So, please remember, when you're posting comments like 'I can't believe you charge for files when others give them away for free' or 'You're a cheapskate expecting people to pay for your files' remember that all you're doing is telling YouTube that YOU cannot afford $29.99, and that, in fact, YOU are the cheapskate.

Rest assured I WILL release another free file in the not too distant future, if you want to have a chance of listening to it, I suggest keeping derogatory remarks to yourself because I'll simply block you from my channel.

Have a nice day


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