A Success & What's Next.

Hello Puppets!

What a truly exciting time it's been these past few days. I just knew The Puppeteer was going to be special, and, while sales indicate how popular a file is (It's grossed over $1000 per day on IWantClips since its release) it doesn't necessarily measure how successful the file is, or, has been.

The reaction to The Puppeteer has been staggering. I've never had a reaction anywhere near this with any file previously. I was half expecting it as it was so different from what I usually produce. Rest assured there will be lots of triggers posted everywhere, especially Twitter, so be sure to follow me if you don't already (@AnnabelFatale). Tributes have flooded in, sales of other files have gone crazy and a plethora of emails from new slaves that wish to serve after listening have also come flooding in.

The creative procedure for my most recent file was born of a short holiday, a penthouse around 3 hours from where I live that overlooks white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. After spending a week there relaxing, reading & contemplating while staring out to sea, the idea was born. It's always that short break away that gets me fired up on my return. As I wrote previously, I tested the file on my mindless puppet who instantly paid for a hotel stay I have booked in late July, early August, however, I decided it would probably be wise to take another short vacation before that time. Although the Puppeteer was supposed to be the finale of Consumed, it was so special and had such an impact that I've decided I'd like to continue with it, so, from the 6th to the 10th of July I've booked a 4 night break at the coast to inspire my deviant side once more, although ideas have been flooding to me so you may even see something before then. My whoredog covered the cost of the hotel, and, some new puppets including a sissy named Samantha have already sent tributes to pay for my inspirational break.

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