The first puppet...

Well, the verdict is in. Yesterday, a slave of mine who I shall call 'Mindless puppet' was the first to get his hands on 'The Puppeteer- Consumed finale'. After spoiling me so much since joining the stable I figured he deserved the first copy prior to its release, not to mention I was pretty certain that he's sound of mind. I got an e-mail this morning, name and banking details removed -

I think that pretty much sums up the effect, though it isn't specifically related to financial domination, it is based upon carrying out my wishes/requests. I haven't told my puppet yet, but, I actually DID already know what he was going to pay for prior to sending the file. You see, while I was planning and writing the file, I had an idea to test its effectiveness. Although I'd made a few requests on my Twitter, I specifically made a request to cover a hotel bill, knowing that the sum in question was at the top end of what my test subject would tribute in one go. I made the request stand out to him a little (I won't say how). I knew if this file worked, I'd wake up with the £400 bill covered, and, that's exactly what happened.

Rest assured the triggers wont just be financial related, I have a plethora of fun and games in mind and will be triggering subjects regularly via all means available.

The file will be released and announced today.

Annabel Fatale

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