The Consumed Finale....

I always feel refreshed after a break away, and, it always inspires me to come back with something different, something powerful and something that slaves aren't expecting. Writing Hypnosis can be a bit of a strange affair! While it requires a lot of creativity to create something effective, it can also become somewhat mundane, almost punishing as you slug your way through induction 1564.

I get writers block quite regularly, and those breaks away always inspire something a bit special. Before I left for my break, I packed some old books I'd read, psychology books, while I was at University. While I stood on the huge balcony of a 5th floor penthouse overlooking the sea, techniques I'd long forgotten about came flooding back to me, techniques that aren't 'Play Hypnosis' but are used in interrogation by military personnel.

As most of you know, the Consumed series was born of my interaction with a French slave over a number of years, but, he never got this far (It all ended badly, he ended up broke).

Suddenly, the techniques I'd once picked up but had long since forgotten came flooding back, these techniques aren't just used by the military, police etc they're also employed by advertising companies, corporations and politicians. The slightly evil cogs in my mind started to turn, creating a psychological recipe for obedience.

I'm about to complete the writing of the final file, and, I'm excited by it, I'm excited by it's effect, by it's design, by the way it moves and flows. It's a little bit special, and, if you're a fan of my Hypnosis files, you'll DEFINITELY want to get your hands on this file, just don't expect it to be the usual recipe, instead expect a feast.

I'm also producing some new fetish clips and plan on releasing a rather harsh hostage situation clip based on an insane documentary I recently watched called 'Blackout'.

I look forward to your submission and placing my strings upon you.


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